How To Make Money By Selling On eBay

If you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash, selling on eBay can be a great way to do it. Today I have a guest post from the lovely Laura at which tells you everything you need to get started!

I’m Laura, and I have successfully made money from selling mine (and my family’s!) unwanted things on eBay for around 8 years. Selling on eBay can be the gateway to a quick cash injection when you need it most- low on funds for an upcoming holiday? Sell on eBay. Need more money in your Christmas spending pot? Sell on eBay. This is the attitude I have taken for years whenever I have needed a little bit of extra money in my bank account. Here I’m going to give you my top tips on how to get started, and how to make sure that your eBay listings stand out and start making you money right away. read more

Help Your Local FoodBank With A Reverse Advent Calendar

This year I’m taking part in #Foodbankadvent again with other UK Money Bloggers and I’d love you to join in! This is a reverse advent calendar – where each day you add an item to donate to the foodbank. I’m doing this throughout November, ready to donate the first week of December. This ensures it can be distributed to people in need in time for Christmas.

Food banks can be a lifeline for those in need. While donations are needed all year round, Christmas can add extra pressure. Families who normally receive free school dinners have to find extra food during the holidays. The cold weather means increased fuel costs and this can mean buying basic essentials like food and toiletries becomes more difficult. read more

Cheap Things To Do In Scarborough With Kids

Every year we have at least one family holiday at Haven on the North Yorkshire coast. We always have a couple of day trips to Scarborough as it’s a lovely place to visit and have a cheap day out as a family. Here are our favourite free and cheap things to do in Scarborough with kids.

Play On The Beach

Totally free and lots of fun for kids. Take a bucket, spade and football and keep the kids entertained for hours without spending a penny. Let them build sandcastles, draw pictures in the sand and chase the waves. You could also visit the lifeboat centre. We saw a board showing the date and time of the next training exercise. If we had been there a few more days we definitely would have taken the kids down to watch!  read more

Tightwad Christmas: How To Save Money On Toys

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As we’re on the countdown to Christmas, I’m sharing my tips on how to get organised, save money and have a stress-free Christmas. This week is all about how to save money on toys.

Play is such an important part of childhood and toys are a wonderful thing to have. But we all know they can be expensive, especially if your little one is into the latest craze. There are plenty of ways to find bargains and save money on toys. From buying second hand to finding the best discounts, here are my top ways to save money on toys. read more

Tightwad Christmas: How To Have A Stress-free Christmas

Now it’s officially autumn I feel like it’s time to start talking about Christmas! I know a lot of people find Christmas stressful but I honestly never feel like that. I always get organised in autumn, set my budget, start buying gifts and plan my festive calendar. It really helps me save money and have a stress-free Christmas. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my top Tightwad Tips on how to save money on everything festive – from kids toys to toiletries and even family days out. read more

Easy Home-made Play Resources You Can Use Over And Over

Being a stay at home mum means I spend a lot of my day trying to keep my son entertained. Any parent of babies or toddlers will know how exhausting this can be. Ollie has plenty of toys, but like all kids he gets bored of playing with the same things all the time. So I created a set of home-made play resources we can use in different ways to keep them interesting.

Why I Make My Own Play Resources:

  • It saves me money as they’re cheap to make and replace.
  • I can make and adapt activities for Ollie’s interests and stage of development.
  • I now have a cupboard full of resources that can be used to set up new, fun activities.

Sometimes I’ll spend a while coming up with a new game or activity, but mostly I do things that are quick and easy to set up. Because any parent knows sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. When Ollie says he’s bored or I want a few minutes to enjoy a hot drink, we’ll go to the cupboard and pull one of these resources out. I love the fact that they’re versatile and can be used to create completely different activities each time.  read more

How To Have A Fab Frugal Family Holiday At Haven

If you want a family holiday this year without spending a fortune, I can fully recommend a trip to Haven. There is so much for all the family to do, and you can spend as much or as little money as you want when you get there. I’ve been going on Haven holidays since I was a kid, and now we have at least one family holiday at Haven each year. And no this isn’t an ad, I just genuinely love the place!

Earlier this year, Ollie and I went on a last minute trip to Haven with my sister and my nephew. We were both on a tight budget, so we decided to see how little we could spend in a week while still having fun! We visited Haven Reighton Sands in Filey – North Yorkshire, but there are Haven sites all over the country. read more

The Ultimate Guide To Disney World With Toddlers

Earlier this year we had the holiday of a lifetime in America. We spent 10 days in Florida and visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. This was my first trip to Disney World and as much as I was looking forward to it (since I was about 5), I wasn’t sure how it would be with a toddler in tow. He loves Disney films, but I was worried the heat, the crowds and the sensory overload might be a bit too much for him. We did a lot of research before we went and learned a few things along the way. read more

Fun Ways To Keep Kids Cool In The Summer

The great British summer is finally here and it looks like it’s sticking around for a while (for a change). As much as I’m loving the sun, it makes parenting a toddler a bit more challenging. Not only is Ollie waking up a lot earlier than normal – 4.30am yesterday argh! – but he’s also a bit more grumpy and has a lot less energy than normal. It doesn’t help that the sun shines directly into our living room in the afternoon and it basically becomes a sauna. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking of ways we can cool down and have fun without spending any money. read more