How To Visit Top UK Attractions For Free

How to visit top UK attractions for free!

I love a family day out as the next person, but they can be pretty pricey – especially if you want to head to one of the UK’s top attractions. However, there are ways to visit them for free – or at least very cheap! Some take a little planning but could save you a small fortune.

Here are my top ways to visit the UK’s top attractions for free:


If you read my blog regularly you’re probably used to me banging on about Tesco Clubcard Boost. But honestly it’s amazing for saving money.

You can currently get up to 3x the value of your points on days out. This includes theme parks, zoos, sea life centres, Madame Tussauds and loads more. Most tickets can be used 6 months after you get them. Check the details on each offer as some can be purchased solely using points, and others need you to pay some cash.

You can also use your Nectar points to buy tickets, but the exchange rate is nowhere near as high as Tesco’s.
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Often theme parks and other top U.K. attractions have giveaways on their social media pages. For instance, Chessington World of Adventures just gave away a load of free passes to anyone who was willing to try out their ‘no phone zone’ during bank holiday weekend. From promotions and competitions to discounts, there are lots of ways to get free or cheap tickets through social media.


Every year The Sun newspaper offers free tickets to top Merlin attractions. It prints codes in the newspaper each day during the offer period. You have to collect a certain amount of codes and then send off for your tickets.

There are two ways to take part. Either buy the paper, cut out the codes and post them off with a booking form. Or, you can download their app and input the codes on there. If you do it this way, you can often find the codes online without buying the newspaper. You’ll then be sent an e-voucher for your specified date.

This is a great way to visit attractions for free, but you may need to be flexible on dates. They get booked up quickly and you often have to pick the date you want to go in advance.


We often think of big family days out as being at expensive attractions like theme parks or zoos. But there are plenty of fabulous places to visit that are free all year round. Take The Natural History Museum for example which is great for both kids and adults. Even for people who don’t live in London, there are loads of ways to travel there and have a great day in London on a budget.
I’m loving this list from Sky Scanner of the top free attractions – including a Harry Potter tour.


If you’ve got a child aged 6 to 15 years old, you could get them to apply for a Blue Peter Badge. Badge holders get free entry into over 200 attractions so it’s definitely worth applying!

Basic blue badges are awarded for interesting letters, stories, poems, arts and crafts or suggestions for future programmes. The more creative the better!


Alright so you can’t get the WHOLE family in for free with this one, but you will get a free ticket or two. Look out for promotions on food packets which offer 2 for 1 tickets. Cadbury, Goodfellas, Kellogs and Organix are just a few of the companies that regularly offer discounts through vouchers on their packaging.


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