Tropical Birdland Desford Review

Recently we went to Tropical Birdland in Desford, Leicestershire. We really enjoyed it and the kids loved getting up close to the birds. Located in the Midlands, it’s easily accessible from many parts of the country. And it’s reasonably priced too!

Entry is £8.50 per adult, £5.75 per child (4-15) and under 4s are free. Both my toddler and nephew were under 4 so I only had to pay the cost of 1 adult ticket.

At the entrance gate, you can buy food for the birds. I’d definitely recommend doing this, as the bags only cost a couple of pounds and the kids just loved it. We picked a bag of nuts, but there’s also mealworms and fruit.

One of the reasons I really loved this place was the chance to get up close and personal with the birds. Yes, some are in aviaries, but a lot are free to enter and leave them as they choose.

There’s a walk through aviary, and a couple you can enter to feed and engage with the birds. Be warned though, both times we’ve been I’ve ended up with birds on my head and shoulders in here! You can chose whether or not to enter these though so it’s up to you!

Another thing I love about Tropical Birdland is that a lot of the birds are rescues. I was surprised to learn how many of them had been abandoned or sent there, just because their owners decided they didn’t want them anymore. Tropical Birdland provides a home for them.

The staff at Tropical Birdland are really knowledgable. The first time we went, we didn’t really know what to expect. So when we got to the Parrot Path I was really surprised to see so many birds out in the open. They were just perched on branches, freely interacting with staff and visitors.

One of the staff members came up to us and asked if we wanted to hold any of the birds. He knew so much about the different species and the individual birds. He told us all about their ages, their history, how they ended up at Tropical Birdland and even about their personalities! We even found out which birds to avoid with shiny jewellery on!

If you have a slightly nervous child, it’s up to you whether you want to do the Parrot Path or not. I’d say try to keep them at ground level, as some of the birds will just fly over and land on your head or shoulders. They didn’t seem to bother with the kids when they were walking, but when I picked Ollie up one flew straight on to his head!

Tropical Birdland isn’t huge, but there are lots of birds to see and a woodland walk. There’s also a café and a play park, and picnic benches if you want to take your own food. We’ve loved Birdland each time we’ve been and I’d definitely recommend it as a frugal day out with toddlers.

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