Toy Box vs Cardboard Box – What Kids Really Love!

Toy box vs Cardboard box : what do children REALLY love to play with?

Christmas is only a few weeks away and lots of us are already feeling the pressure to buy our children lots of new (often expensive) toys. But do we really need to?

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard people say kids love playing with cardboard boxes more than the presents inside. And since I’ve had Ollie I’ve realised how true this is!

I’m not going to lie, Ollie has a LOT of toys – especially as he’s just had his second birthday. He picked a couple of favourites out then spent the rest of the day playing with the wrapping paper, balloons and birthday cards! He regularly spends lots of time playing with things that aren’t really toys – his favourites are the laundry ball from the washing machine and plastic tubs! In fact we’ve played loads of games with items from the kitchen.

I love the fact that he finds fun in everyday items and it just goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune to entertain your kids.

I asked some other parenting bloggers to share what their little ones love to play with:

My daughter LOVES playing with a saucepan and a wooden spoon. She can bang it for an hour…! FUN TIMES – Katykicker

My son loves to decant the dog biscuits from the sack into the dogs bowls, over and over again. Not sure who loves it more, him or the dogs! – Ready Freddie Go

My youngest likes mascara tubes, drink bottles, random bits of fluff off the floor… – Gee Gardner

My two loves playing in empty carton boxes – we turn them into cars, houses even into a cave with a blanket and play “we’re going on a bear hunt”! – Captain Bobcat

Empty boxes are the source of endless fun in our house. Extra points if R gets to be the one to empty the box first! If not she’s happy emptying the bookshelf, airer or washing machine instead – Rhyming Mum

My son likes playing with bubbles in the sink….last week he found it fun to do the washing up, which was a bonus. I guess it was a change for him as normally we use the dishwasher – The Daisy Pages

When my biggest was 3 she carried around a butternut squash for aaaaages (until it went soft!) she thought it was from Mr blooms garden so we drew on a face and she was over the flipping moon for weeks! – Monkey Feet

My daughter loves playing with an old handbag and purse I gave her. She takes them everywhere and insists on putting it in the boot of the car, next to my handbag, whenever we travel by car – Raising A Ragamuffin

Edie plays with so many things that aren’t toys! She’s become attached to her daddy’s water bottle! Then she would only have her breakfast sat in the washing basket yesterday! – This Mumma Needs Tea

My three year old likes to play with shoes and boots. Taking them all out of the box we keep them in, lining them up, trying them on (her hands and her feet), rearranging them back in the box… hours of fun! – Mummy Is A Gadget Geek

My little boy once spent a whole afternoon playing with a pack of 300 drinking straws. They were £1 from poundland and provided so much entertainment!! – Rice Cakes And Raisins

My little girl loves playing with anything from the kitchen. Whisks, pans, bowls, plates all get dragged out of the cupboards. She will happily empty and fill bowls for ages, usually wearing the bowl at some point too! She has also taken a liking to the cheese grater, I think because it’s shiny so I keep having to hide it or I fear I’ll find a grated finger on the kitchen floor one day – Little, Big & Me

Spoons! He would carry a spoon with him everywhere he goes if I’d let him and has adored them since he was tiny – Starlight And Stories

My boys love empty juice bottle or empty shampoo bottles in the bath they play for hours – My Crazy Family Story

My two love making jungles and dens from the sofa cushions and blankets. Hours of fun, and some of the only times they play together! – Emily And Indiana

My eldest likes to play with rolls left over from paper towels. While the youngest loves eldest’s shoes! – The Queen Of Collage

SO, there you have it! Save yourself a fortune on toys this Christmas and buy your kids a butternut squash instead! 

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