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Swagbucks is a great way to earn extra cash in the form of gift cards or via PayPal.

The basic idea is that you earn points (Swagbucks or SB) for completing various tasks such as completing surveys, searching the web or watching videos. You can also collect SB for shopping online (although often you’ll earn more with Quidco or TopCashback so check these first).

When you’ve earned enough SB, you can swap them for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

So…is it too good to be true?

I’ll be totally honest. Last year I absolutely swore by Swagbucks. With a newborn, I needed something to keep me awake during the night feeds. I did tons of surveys and even kept the videos playing on my phone while I was doing other stuff. I cashed out nearly £200 of gift cards in a few months and used them for my Xmas shopping – brilliant!

This year has been a little different. There don’t seem to be as many surveys available, and a lot of features – like the videos- no longer work on iPhone.

If you’ve got a laptop, great. Alternatively you can download their free app and watch videos on there – BUT you can only earn 10SB a day this way.

I find the best way to earn SB is surveys, but this can be a bit frustrating if you get screened out of them and don’t qualify. Once you’ve spent a bit of time on the site and attempted a few surveys, you’ll start to recognise the ones that are worth your time, and which ones you will or won’t qualify for. For example, Tickbox surveys always work well for me. They only give 15SB but also only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

Overall I think it’s a worthwhile site and I managed to get £30 Amazon gift cards in a few weeks, just before Black Friday this year which was very useful!

Ways To Earn Easy Swagbucks:
  • Complete the daily poll – 1SB per day
  • Use their search engine to win random amounts of SB
  • Follow Swagbucks on Facebook to get ‘swagcodes’ worth a few SB
  • Try and hit your daily goal to get bonuses
  • Take part in the team challenges and Swago boards (advertised on Facebook) to earn bonuses
  • Try the ‘Peanut Labs’ surveys which give you 1SB even if you don’t qualify for the full survey
  • Pay attention to the types of surveys you do or don’t qualify for and save yourself time by skipping the useless ones!

Sign up here and start earning today!

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