How To Stick To Slimming World On A Budget

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How to stick to Slimming World on a budget

I started Slimming World after I had my first baby. I put on 4 stone during pregnancy, and hours at home in the winter with a newborn didn’t help. I was feeling uncomfortable, unhealthy, constantly out of breath and needed to make a change.

My Mum recommended Slimming World and I have to say I love how easy it is. For someone like me who needs to follow some kind of routine, Slimming World works really well. I feel healthier, I’ve got more energy and I’m losing weight without that much effort!

After joining a few Facebook groups, I was surprised at how many people said they found Slimming World expensive. I haven’t found this at all so I thought I’d share how we keep costs down.

How To Stick To Slimming World On A Budget:

Save Money On Your Membership Fees

To join Slimming World, you need to pay a £10 joining fee. However, there’s usually a voucher to join for free in various magazines. The magazines usually cost around £2-3. A quick Google search will show you which magazines currently have vouchers.

Once you’re a member, you’ll pay a weekly membership fee. You can save on these by buying blocks of classes upfront, rather than pay as you go. Slimming World runs various offers throughout the year such as 1 week free when you book so many in a block.

Get Organised With Meal Planning

I plan out my meals for the week, then only buy what I need. I write a shopping list based on my meal plan, and make sure to stick to it strictly. For me, the worst time to fall off the wagon is when I’m hungry and don’t know what to eat. Having a meal plan means you’ve already got an idea of what you’re going to eat for each meal. You also have all the ingredients in stock already!

Meal plan of Slimming World friendly meals for the week

Bulk Buy Kitchen Staples

One of the great things about Slimming World is foods like pasta and rice are free foods. If you’ve got the space, buy bigger bags to save money. It might only be a few pennies each time but if your family eats as much pasta as mine it soon adds up!

Switch To Supermarket Own Versions

There’s no need to spend loads on premium branded products when supermarket own versions can be just as good. For instance did you know Aldi have started selling their own version of Fry Light?

Get Creative With Aldi Super 6

Every week Aldi has 6 different items of fruit and veg mega cheap. Get creative and see what meals you can make with these ingredients. The Slimming World website even has a section where you can search for recipes by ingredient! It actually makes cooking more interesting trying to come up with meals based around a random assortment of stuff!

Batch Cook Healthy Meals

Batch cooking is a great way to help you stick to Slimming World on a budget. Not only does it save you money, but you’ve always got something healthy ready to microwave on days you can’t be bothered to cook!

You can bulk buy ingredients to get them cheaper and cook them up straight away so nothing goes out of date.

Slimming World meals being batch cooked

You can also bulk out meals with tons of SP ingredients to make them more filling, and get a lot more for your money. I just made 12 portions of SP friendly chilli for £4! I always buy big bags of frozen onion and peppers to batch cook with, rather than buying them fresh as it’s much cheaper. Chopped tomatoes are brilliant for this as they only cost a few pence per tin but add more volume to SO many meals.

Make Friends With Your Freezer

Since I’ve started Slimming World, my freezer is my new best friend. Not only is is great for storing all those meals you’ve just batch cooked, but it can really help you stick to Slimming World on a budget.

Buying frozen fruit and vegetables can be a lot cheaper than buying fresh. You can also keep an eye out for reduced items such as meat. Stock up when they’re discounted or on offer and stick them in the freezer until you need them!

Go Meat Free

We don’t eat much meat in our house anymore and the difference in our shopping bill is huge. Quorn mince and quorn pieces are both free foods on Slimming World and they’re a lot cheaper than their meaty counterparts. Foods like beans and lentils are super cheap to buy, SP friendly, and can bulk out meals like casseroles and chilli to make them go further.

Even going meat free for a few meals a week could save you money.

Fake It!

Making your own ”fakeaway’ is a great way to save on syns as well as money! It might be tempting to get a takeaway on a Friday night, but not only are they high in calories and fat, they can also cost a small fortune. There are tons of recipes online to make your own Chinese food, curries and even pizza …all Slimming World friendly!

I’m loving the KFC style chicken from Pinch of Nom.

Get Inspiration Online

Facebook groups are a great way to get recipe ideas, tips and support.
I’m also a big fan of Pinterest and have a board dedicated to eating healthy on a budget!

2 thoughts on “How To Stick To Slimming World On A Budget

  1. Wendy says:

    Some really good ideas on here.
    I would also add- look out for free joining vouchers that save money on the cost of joining slimming world.
    Also in Iceland they do slimming world ready meals and often do deals such as buy 3 SW products and get another free

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