Screen Free Activities For Winter Evenings

Christmas might be over but winter is definitely here to stay a bit longer! I’m already longing for summer and Ollie has started climbing the walls after being trapped in the house all week thanks to bad weather and illness. Keeping him entertained without hours of CBeebies has been a challenge!

One of our resolutions as a family is to reduce screen time this year. While I don’t mind the kids watching TV or playing on consoles some of the time I don’t want them to be glued to their screens every second of the day. But, on cold and wet wintery evenings, it can be hard to think of ways to keep them entertained. So, I asked some fellow parenting bloggers for their favourite family activities:


Play Games Together:

Board games are always a winner when we want a screen-free evening with family – KatyKicker

Build a den or a fort. Great fun for all ages! – Twinderelmo 

We spent new years eve playing Logo game with teams of Mummy + X versus Daddy + X. The kids absolutely loved it and begged to play it again New Years Day so we did. Dominoes and Uno are also very popular in this house – Mum Of 2.5

Card games! We have loads of fun with UNO and Old Maid! – All About A Mummy

Jigsaw puzzles. They may seem dull but once you get going on them they are actually quite addictive! – Emma Reed

Do a family quiz night! – Living Life Our Way

My grandson is 3 and we play “talking cars” – his made up game. We both have a toy car and I make mine talk to his car. We go on adventures, or to the farm. All in our imaginations, just a car each and the occasional toy cow! – Teddy Bears And Cardigans

Get Creative:

A big roll of paper, you can buy for a couple of £ from the bargain shops, and crayons/felt tips/paint! Rolls of creativity & fun! – Stacey In The Sticks

Lego challenges like who can build the biggest house or who can make a robot and so on – Anklebiters Adventures 

We bought our little girl a face paint set for Christmas and it’s definitely kept her busy! Let them paint their own or you can do each other’s – Arepops

We enjoy cooking a meal together from scratch. A real hands on affair so both children can get involved with peeling, preparing etc. It’s fun, educational and gives them a great feeling of satisfaction. Don’t forget dessert! – Family Travel With Ellie 

Burn Off Some Energy:

For a more energetic activity, switch off the lights and have a flashlight/glow stick disco! – Mummy Wishes

My 2 year old loves to run around the table, do yoga and attempt jumping jacks! Being active in the house is a great alternative – Me, Him, The Dog And A Baby

Our little ones love a treasure hunt! – Talking Mums

We have a kids yoga DVD which they love – The Money Whisperer

Make an obstacle course with cushions and sofas, you can change it up easily with other items too. Dance and act out favourite films to soundtracks such as Frozen and Moana (my boys favourites). Hide and seek is always a winner here too – Monkey And Mouse 

Relax Together:

By baking something yummy.

We like to read books. We take it in turn who chooses and who reads. My youngest gets to choose who reads for her as she can’t do it herself yet – Houold Money Saving

It may sound a bit lame, but we sit and talk. We ask the Small what books he has liked, plan what he’d like to do the next day.
We talk about past adventures and I’m amazed at his recall and his willingness to be still for a while (he’s nearly 4) – Sinead Latham

We all like to cuddle up together on the sofa and listen to kids audio dramas together – The Bear And The Fox

8 thoughts on “Screen Free Activities For Winter Evenings

    • tightwadmama says:

      Definitely, I love some of the suggestions from other bloggers – we’d pretty much used up all my ideas over the Christmas holidays!

  1. The Pramshed says:

    There are some brilliant ideas here and I know just how easy it is to turn to the TV in the evenings. We’ve been encouraging our toddler to dance to music or build a dance… much fun than Peppa Pig. Claire x

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