The Best UK Product Testing Websites

The best UK product testing websites

Product testing is a fantastic way to save money by bagging a few freebies.
It also gives you the chance to try products you might not have considered before without having to spend any money.

Since I’ve been product testing, I’ve had free nappies, baby products, food, wine and even makeup!

Here’s a list of my top product testing sites:


Super Savvy Me is a good site for any money saver. They regularly have printable coupons and run loads of competitions. Their Savvy Circle is a product testing community for P&G products. read more

 Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids

Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away. If you’re looking for gift ideas, why not get the kids involved, get creative and make something unique. Here’s a few frugal Mother’s Day crafts for children of all ages!

Vegetable printing is something I always loved doing as a kid. It’s really simple, and lots of fun. You can use items you have at home so it’s very also very frugal! It gives children the chance to investigate colours, shapes and textures. read more

Mother’s Day Gifts For Any Budget

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away (11th March to be exact) so I thought I’d share my ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that can work on a budget.

Personally I think the whole point of Mother’s Day is to show your Mum you love and appreciate her. It’s not about how much money you spend. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, gifts that come from the heart are often appreciated a lot more!

So here’s a few ways to show your Mum you care without breaking the bank: read more

Water Painting – Mess Free Activity

Water Painting - Mess Free Activity

Water Painting is a great sensory, mess free activity for children of all ages. It entertained my little one for ages, didn’t cost a penny and best of all, there was no cleaning up afterwards!

Ollie loves scribbling with coloured crayons but I wanted to try something a bit different so he doesn’t get bored of doing the same activity all the time. I’m not ready to let him use paint as he’s in a phase of throwing EVERYTHING he gets his hands on at the minute! So I decided to let him do some mark making with water instead. read more

Posting and Threading – Fine Motor Skills Activities

Posting and threading - fine motor skills activities for toddlers

This week we have been working on Ollie’s fine motor skills with some posting and threading activities. They’re all easy to set up using items you already have around the house.

He’s loved them all which is great as we all know how hard it can be to entertain a toddler for free!

Ollie is very into sorting, organising and posting things at the minute. I’ve lost count of the times he’s emptied the washing basket only to put the clothes back in. Or the weird and wonderful items I’ve found stuffed in my handbag or boots. read more

The Ultimate Guide To Cashback Apps

The ultimate guide to cashback apps

Cashback apps are a great way to save money on your supermarket shopping.  They regularly offer you free drink and food as well as money off at supermarkets. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page you’ll always see photos of freebies I’ve bagged through cashback apps!

So, what are cashback apps and how do you use them?

Cashback apps allow you to claim money back on certain products that you buy in store or online. The apps all have slight differences, but pretty much work in the same way. You check out the offers on the app, go shopping and buy the products listed, take a photo of your receipt and get some or all of the money back! read more

Baby Sign Language For Beginners

How to teach your baby sign language

Baby sign language is something I’ve been really passionate about teaching Ollie.
I read a lot of information about it when I was pregnant, and thought the benefits like improving communication and decreasing frustration sounded great!

Children’s ability to understand language and communication is often a lot more advanced than their ability to speak. And if you’ve ever been around a tantrumming toddler, you’ll know how this can be frustrating for them – and how often it can lead to total meltdowns. Baby sign language gives children a way to communicate using gestures and signs. read more

The Best UK Baby Clubs

The best UK baby clubs

A great way to save money when you have kids is to join a baby club – or several. A lot of people ask how to get coupons for baby products – well baby clubs are one way. Companies will send you money off vouchers and freebies as a way to get you to shop with them or try their products. Often they’ll also send you emails full of information related to your stage of pregnancy or your child’s age.

There are lots of clubs out there, but here are my favourites:

Boots  is definitelymy favourite baby club by far, as they just give you so much stuff! read more

Free Toddler Activities – In The Kitchen

This week’s free toddler activities are all based around items you can find in your kitchen.

I’m forever looking for new ways to entertain my toddler, especially when he’s teething and needs a lot of distraction. He loves making noise – the louder the better – and he’s at the stage where he’s really interested in everything adults are doing and using…including kitchen utensils!

Usually he plays with his toys while I prepare his lunch but since he’s discovered what’s behind the kitchen cupboard doors, he definitely more interested in those! read more