Little Brian Paint Sticks Review – Mark Making From Little Learners

This week we have been mark making with Little Brian paint sticks from Little Learners. We have been gifted this item in exchange for an honest review. As with any product reviews I will always tell you what we really thought!

Little Learners is a multi award-winning activity provider. They have educational messy play classes all over the country for both babies and pre-schoolers. They’ve created a mark making programme based around the four main marks that are used to make up letters, numbers and shapes. Each mark has been given its own character to make it more fun and engaging for kids. The Little Learners classes focus on one of these 4 characters each week. The classes are based throughout the country, but they are always looking to open more. If you are interested in running your own franchise in your local area you can find more information on the Little Learners website.

They also have shop full of messy play, sensory and educational resources. We’ve kindly been sent Little Brian Paint Sticks and a mark making guide to use with them.

Little Brian Paint Sticks and mark making guide for children

What are Little Brian Paint Sticks?

Little Brian paint sticks are solid sticks of paint. They have a plastic casing and can twist up and down like a glue stick. They’re really versatile and can be used in lots of different ways. You can use them to paint directly on to paper, card, glass and even fabric! The colours are great – they’re really vibrant as they are but you can also mix them with water if you like to make watercolours and blend the colours together.

How to use Little Brian paint sticks

Little Brian paint sticks are great for getting creative without the mess! They twist up and down so you can make sure you’re not using it all up in one go. The plastic cases stop the paint going all over little hands. You use the paint sticks just like a pencil or crayon – drawing with them directly onto paper so you don’t need to bother with brushes or water.

They’re great for mark making because they’re chunky and easy to hold. So if your little one isn’t used to writing yet they can easily make dots, lines, squiggles – all the things they’ll need to practise before learning to write!

What did we think of the paint sticks?

I have to say I LOVE the Little Brian paintsticks. Firstly they’re the perfect size for my pre-schooler. They’re easy for his little hands to grip, which is great as he’s only 4 so is not used to writing yet.

He’ll be starting school in September this year so I’m trying to help him develop the motor skills and coordination he’ll need when he starts learning to write. Mark making is a perfect way to do this.

We used the mark making guide from Little Learners to practice some basic marks then my son went over the letters and shapes with the paint sticks.

Child making marks with Little Brian Paint Sticks

We also have some wipeable mark making sheets that I made a while ago, so I got those out and my little one used the paint sticks to write directly onto them. The paint glides on really easily so they were really fun for him to use. When we were finished we just wiped it clean and started again!

Mark making with Little Brian Paint Sticks

We also tried out the paint sticks on our patio windows. You have to press on quite hard to make the colours show up on glass, but once my little boy got the hang of it he had great fun. They washed off the glass really easily with soapy water and didn’t leave any marks.

Overall I really like the Little Brian Paint Sticks. They’re the perfect size for kids and they dry quickly. They’re perfect for getting creative without any mess. They also come in a big range of colours – I think we’ll be buying the fluorescent day glow set next!

Check out these fun mark making activities you can do at home with you little one.


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