Hello Autumn – a time for change

I’m so excited Autumn is finally here! I’m not going to lie, this summer seemed to last forever. We’d finally gotten into a nice routine with Ollie at nursery then he had 7 weeks off for the summer holidays. Yes – 7! Morning sickness, pregnancy insomnia and that bloody heatwave made balancing work and parenting a toddler seriously hard work. We did have a lot of fun over the summer, and we made some great memories but it was also exhausting. Now September has arrived and has brought a lot of change for us as a family.

My stepson has started secondary school (still don’t believe he’s old enough), Ollie has gone back to nursery as the oldest in his room and I am FINALLY on maternity leave. A lot of change means we really need to get organised as a family, luckily I’ll have much more time to do that now!

While I’m really grateful to not be working anymore – leaving work at 1.30am at 7 months pregnant was not fun – it also means a decrease in our income. I’ll be getting Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) which we all know isn’t much. So this month is all about rewriting our household budget, looking where we can cut back and maybe making a little extra cash.
I’m going to be sharing our maternity money journey here and over on Instagram. So if you’re pregnant, or on maternity leave, hopefully I can share a few things that might help.

First thing I want to do is declutter. I need to make some room (and some cash) before the baby comes as we seem to have no space at the minute. So I’m joining in with Frompenniestopound’s #sellstuffseptember challenge. I’ve got so much unwanted stuff in the house and this has given me the motivation I need to finally list it on eBay and Facebook marketplace. I’m excited to see how much money I can make this month just from our old junk. I’ve already sold some clothes and a pair of football boots I haven’t worn in years – think I last played football in 2012!

I also want to get back into matched betting. It’s a great way to earn tax free cash, and despite the name it isn’t actually gambling! Now I’ll have my weekends free I’ll have much more time to do it. Fancy learning more? I’ve explained exactly what it is and how you can get started here.

Maternity leave also means I’m going to have much more family time. I’ve been working evenings and weekends in a pub for the past year. Opposite shifts to my boyfriend so we’ve barely seen each other. It’s going to be so nice to have some time to just chill and be together as a family. I want to make sure we make the most of our time together before the new baby comes and we all become totally sleep deprived. So, I’ve made us an Autumn Bucket List and we’ll be ticking the things off together over the next couple of months.

If you want inspiration for keeping the family entertained and all the autumn themed activities, make sure to follow me on Instagram. As always I’ll be sharing our budget friendly activities, money saving tips and how to enjoy days out together without breaking the bank.

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