How To Have A Fab Frugal Family Holiday At Haven

If you want a family holiday this year without spending a fortune, I can fully recommend a trip to Haven. There is so much for all the family to do, and you can spend as much or as little money as you want when you get there. I’ve been going on Haven holidays since I was a kid, and now we have at least one family holiday at Haven each year. And no this isn’t an ad, I just genuinely love the place!

Earlier this year, Ollie and I went on a last minute trip to Haven with my sister and my nephew. We were both on a tight budget, so we decided to see how little we could spend in a week while still having fun! We visited Haven Reighton Sands in Filey – North Yorkshire, but there are Haven sites all over the country.

Here’s how to have a fabulous frugal family holiday at Haven:

Get A Discount On Your Accommodation

If you can go off peak, midweek or last minute, you can get really big discounts. You can find all the deals on the Haven website. 

Haven is also included in The Sun’s £15 holidays offer. All you need to do is collect codes from the papers during their promotional period. These holidays are really popular so they tend to get booked up quickly. Even if you miss out on the cheapest deals, you can still get really big discounts. Their summer promotion is already done, but they normally do another one later in the year.

Take A Trip To The Beach

A trip to the beach can be a really cheap or even free day out. Pack a picnic or spend a few pounds on fish and chips for a cheap lunch. Everytime we go to the seaside we take our old bucket and spade and a football. Hours of entertainment without spending a penny!

Make The Most Of On Site Activities

If you book directly through Haven, most holidays include Park Passes. If you book through another site or via The Sun holidays, check if passes are included, if not you can buy them for a few pounds.
Park Passes give you access to loads of free activities. We got involved in Make A Mess where the kids made their own fancy dress costumes. We also attended a pantomime, toddler disco, and spent our evenings watching the free entertainment. Swimming is also included in park passes, just don’t forget to take swimming nappies/arm bands/inflatables etc. You can buy them on site but they’re much cheaper in a supermarket. The arcade is a fun way to pass an hour without spending much money. Reighton Sands has a small soft-play area in the arcade which the boys LOVED and there are also parks to enjoy if the weather is nice.

Take Your Own Food

As we were on a self-catering holiday at Haven, we took a lot of food with us in the car. We planned meals out for the week and took a trip to the local Tesco for fresh stuff. There is a shop on site, but it’s not as cheap as big supermarkets. We had a couple of days where we stayed on site all day and made the most of the free activities. Rather than paying for lunch in the restaurant, we nipped back to the caravan for a quick and cheap meal!

Make Your Own Entertainment

One thing you can never predict about a holiday in the UK is the weather. We took a few toys with us to keep the kids entertained. If you’ve got older kids, it’s the perfect time for them to enjoy some screen-free time (no WiFi in the caravans afterall) and make their own entertainment. When we used to go as kids we would take a deck of cards, some books and board games. Some of my favourite childhood memories are playing cards with my sister and Nan in the evenings and feeling rich when I won a few pennies!
This time we picked up a decorate your own gingerbread men kit for £1.80 in Tesco. It kept the kids entertained whilst it rained.

Save Money On Days Out By Booking Tickets In Advance

If you want to visit one of the local attractions, you can usually save money by booking tickets in advance. We visited Scarborough Sea Life centre, and got half price tickets by booking on site at the Haven reception. If you haven’t been to the area before, it’s well worth doing a bit of research on line before your holiday. You could even use your supermarket loyalty points to get free entry to top local attractions.

Explore The Local Area

We drove to the site so we had a car to explore the local area. There are loads of places to explore around Reighton Sands – our favourites are Scarborough, Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay. Even if you don’t drive, most sites have buses that come onto site and stop at different local towns or points of interest.
Scarborough is a great place to have a cheap day out. There is shopping at the top of the hill, but we spend most of our time on the beach front. It’s basically lined with arcades and fish and chip shops which means we had a cheap lunch followed by a couple of hours playing on the 2p machines. We also visited the beach and took our own buckets and spades so barely spent anything while we were there.

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How to have a fabulous frugal family holiday at Haven

We really enjoyed our family holiday at Haven Reighton Sands, and we can’t wait to go back again. I’ve been visiting this site for years and I never get bored. I’ve also been to a few other Haven sites and enjoyed it just as much. If you’re going for a stay-cation this year, I can definitely recommend Haven as a place to consider!

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