How To Make Glittery Sensory Bags

Make your own glittery sensory bags

Sensory bags are a fun, easy to prepare, free kid’s activity. They only take a few minutes to make, and all the mess is contained so the clean up is even quicker!

Not only are they a great sensory activity, but you can use them to practice reading, writing, mark making, colours, shapes, numbers….the list goes on!

As with all the activities on my blog, these sensory bags can be made using simple household items. And if you don’t have the items at home, they’re all very cheap to buy. I truly believe entertaining your kids doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

You Will Need:

Clear Sealable Freezer Bags

Hair Gel

Food Colouring (optional)



Making sensory bags is actually really easy and is pretty much the same as mess free painting. Just start with a clear, sealable freezer bag. Most freezer bags have writing or a label on the front and it’s totally up to you if you leave this on. If you want to remove it, nail polish remover and cotton wool will do the trick!

Put a few spoons of hair gel into the bag. I used extra firm hold gel, so the marks and pictures we made would stay there until we mixed them up again. However, it does make the gel a bit harder to move around the bag. So for younger children, you might want to use a softer, more liquidy gel.

Next, add your glitter and give it a good mix. Now you can decide whether you want to add food colouring or not. It can change colour quite drastically so only add a drop or two at a time, seal the bag, give it a good mix then add more if needed.

You can also add extra items if you like, such as foil confetti or little sparkly jewels. You could add toys or even flowers for an interesting sensory experience. We just stuck with gel and glitter as we were using the bags for mark making and learning shapes.

When you’re finished, squeeze as much air out of the top as you can and seal it shut. You can then tape the top to make it extra secure. And if you’re worried about the bag splitting, just stick it inside another one!

You can use glittery sensory bags anywhere you like, but they look really lovely on a window or patio door on a sunny day. We’ve also used them taped to the table or you could use a tray.

These bags are perfect for children of all ages. Babies can use them to discover new colours and textures.

Toddlers can use them to discover new textures and sensations. You can also use the bags to work on colour recognition, practise mark-making like we did, or even learn shapes or numbers.

Older children can use these bags as a fun way to work on reading, writing and spelling. Better still, get them involved and let them make their own!

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