Fruit And Vegetable Printing

Fruit and vegetable printing

This week we’ve been getting crafty with some fruit and vegetable printing. It’s a nice simple activity but always goes down well in our house. As always, it’s an activity that can be done with items you already have at home making it very thrifty!

I dug some fruit and veg out of the fridge and laid them out in our tuff tray with some bowls of paint.

The fruit and veg we used was mostly yellow and orange, so I used yellow and orange paint too for a nice autumn feel.

What To Use For Fruit And Vegetable Printing

You can use pretty much any hard fruit or vegetables. I chose peppers, apples, celery, a mini ‘munchkin’ pumpkin and sweetcorn. Potatoes, carrots and squash all work well too.

Celery is brilliant because when you stamp the whole bunch together, it prints a flower shape. An apple cut in half will print a pumpkin shape and sweetcorn makes a good pattern when rolled.

How To Prepare Your Fruit and Veg

It’s totally up to you how much prep you put in to this activity. I’ve done this before with apples and potatoes, and cut shapes into them to make stamps. This is good for older children, as they can make pictures, patterns or even their own wrapping paper. If you want to do this, the easiest way is to cut your potato or apple in half. Then grab a cookie cutter and press it into the fruit/veg to print a shape. Cut away all the extra from around the shape to make a stamp.

This time I decided just to use the fruit and vegetables as they were so Ollie could see what shapes they made.

I then let Ollie have a go at dipping them in the paint and stamping them on the paper. He loves painting and really seemed to enjoy this because it was something a bit different to the normal paintbrush. He found the apple a bit difficult to grip at first and the pepper was a lot easier. His favourite was definitely the sweetcorn though. He loved rolling it backwards and forwards and seeing the print it made on the paper.

He really enjoyed this activity and it kept him entertained for a long time…we will definitely be doing it again!

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