DIY Halloween lanterns

This year we are really getting into the Halloween spirit and making our own decorations. I’ve been looking for some Halloween lanterns or candle holders but couldn’t really find what I wanted. So we decided to make our own. This is a super simple craft that looks really effective when finished. I did it with my pre-schooler and he had great fun.

What we used to make Halloween lanterns

  • Glass jars
  • PVA glue
  • Orange tissue paper
  • Black tissue paper
  • Paintbrush
  • White poster paint
  • Electric tea lights
Materials for DIY Halloween lanterns - glass jar, PVA glue, tissue paper

How we made our Halloween lanterns

We made two different types of Halloween lanterns, using paint and tissue paper. To make our jack-o-lantern style pumpkin lanterns we used orange tissue paper. I cut the paper up into small strips, as I did this with my 3 year old. If I was doing this with older kids I’d get them to cut or rip the paper themselves. Next I cut some shapes out of black tissue paper to form the faces.

Next was the fun, messy bit. We used a paintbrush to paint some PVA glue onto the jars. I watered it down a little so it wasn’t too thick. Then we grabbed the tissue paper and got sticking! Ollie loved this bit, as it’s a chance to get messy! We did try dipping the paper in the glue, then sticking it on. However, we found it scrunched up and stuck to itself really easily and just didn’t look great when it was stuck on.

Child sticking tissue paper to glass jar making Halloween lantern

Once we’d covered our jars in the base colour, Ollie made some faces using the black triangle and mouth shapes. Once we’d finished, we brushed over the whole thing with PVA to keep it all neat and left it to dry.

While it was drying, we made our ghost Halloween lanterns. For these we painted a jar with white poster paint. When it was dry, we used some of the black tissue paper shapes to make faces.

Once dry, we popped an electric tea light in each one of our Halloween lanterns and watched them glow! This really is so simple and fun to do. There are so many designs you could do – witches, bats, even mummys!

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DIY Halloween lanterns - pumpkin and ghost candle holders

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