The Ultimate Guide To Cashback Apps

Cashback apps are a great way to save money on your supermarket shopping.  They regularly offer you free drink and food as well as money off at supermarkets. Cashback apps are a way for companies to promote their products to a new audience.

So, what are cashback apps?

Cashback apps allow you to claim money back on certain products that you buy in store or online. The apps all have slight differences, but pretty much work in the same way. You check out the offers on the app, go shopping and buy the products listed, take a photo of your receipt and get some or all of the money back!

The best cashback apps out there


This is one of my favourite cashback apps for freebies. The offers are updated regularly but can expire quickly. Cashback is stored in your account, Once you hit £5 you can cash out but you’ll be charged a 5% fee. Or, wait until you’ve got £20 to cash out for free. Money is paid into your bank account within 10 days.


Shopmium is great for trying new products and money is paid directly into your bank or PayPal within a couple of days. It has an ‘eligibility checker’ so you can scan the barcode in store and make sure you’re buying the correct product!


Clicksnap is powered by Quidco so cash goes directly into your Quidco account. Receipts are normally processed within a day or two.
For ‘FREE’ products it often offers a set amount – e.g £1.50 when you buy a particular loaf of bread. This means you’ll get £1.50 regardless of how much you pay, so if you can find the bread on offer somewhere for £1, you’ve just made 50p profit.


Can only be used in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Tesco. Offers are updated weekly. Cash out after £1.50. Unlike the other apps, you can use the coupons in GreenJinn even if you shop online.

How to use cashback apps

The apps are all pretty straight forward, and most of them have a tutorial section. Below is an example of cashback claimed on CheckoutSmart, but the apps all work in a similar way.

1 – Browse the offers and find one you like!

2 – Check the amount you’ll be paid. If it says FREE you’ll get the full value of what you paid back, if it says £2 for example, that’s the amount you’ll get paid back.

Offers on CheckoutSmart

3 – Check which shop the offer is valid in.

4 – Check when the offer expires. Some run out pretty quickly so ensure you buy the product within the offer date!

5 – Buy the product.

6 – Claim your cashback by selecting the relevant offers and uploading a photo of your receipt (and scanning the barcode for Shopmium and Shopitize). Make sure you claim ALL the offers on your receipt.

7 – Check if you can claim the offer on any other apps – sometimes one product will be on 2 apps so you can claim cashback from both. CheckoutSmart and ClickSnap are the same company though, so you can’t claim for the same receipt on both. If they both have the same offer, and you want to claim twice, make sure you get a separate receipt to upload to each app.

8 – Wait for your receipt to be processed.

9 – Get paid! Your money will either go into your bank account, PayPal or your cashback app account depending on which app you’re using.

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Important things to remember when using cashback apps

  • Always check the offer details. There’s no point buying it from ASDA if it states Tesco only, because you won’t get paid!
  • Make sure your receipt pictures are clear and not blurred, and that they have the date, time and store details on.
  • Check product prices on MySupermarket before you shop to get the most out of cashback offers.
  • Check you’re buying the right product! Make sure the pack size, flavour etc all matches the offer.
  • ClickSnap and CheckoutSmart are the SAME COMPANY so you can’t upload the same receipt to both!
  • DON’T BUY THINGS YOU DON’T NEED! Don’t get tempted to buy things you wouldn’t normally just because there’s 50p off! If it isn’t totally free or you weren’t going to buy it anyway, is it really a bargain?!
  • Scan your supermarket loyalty card to grab bonus loyalty points!
  • Upload your receipts ASAP so you don’t forget or miss the offer deadline! Otherwise you won’t be paid!
  • Save your receipts until your cashback is confirmed. Occasionally you will be asked to upload it again – for instance if you’ve missed part of the receipt out of the photo or if it can’t be read easily.

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The ultimate guide to cashback apps

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  1. Amy says:

    Great write up, I use all of these apps and it was good to read I’m doing all the right things, I didn’t know CheckOutSmart and Cicksnap were the same company so that’s helpful, also I shall now look for the ‘mysupermarket’ app as I’m always wondering how much the original price is before I actually get to the store.

    Bristolmumof1 🙂

    I’ve just followed & liked your account, spreading the money saving love ?❤️

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