10 Places To Take Toddlers Out For Free

10 Places To Take Toddlers Out For Free


If you’ve got a toddler you’ll know some days you just need to get out of the house. Whether it’s to keep them entertained, or for your own sanity. But, all these trips out to soft play, cafes and swimming add up quickly. If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways to entertain your toddler without spending loads of cash. So I’ve compiled a list of places you can take your toddlers out for free!


Mum and baby/toddler groups are a great way to get out of the house, entertain your little one and meet new people. I know it can be daunting to go into a group of people for the first time, but I’ll bet most of those Mums felt the same way the first time they went. See if your local library runs any sessions, or join local parenting groups on Facebook.


Most local libraries will run baby and toddler groups as mentioned above. Even without these, they’re still great to visit. There’s usually a children’s section with little chairs or cushions, toys or even activities. Let you child explore and pick their own books to borrow. It’s a great way to encourage a love of reading from a young age.


A garden centre is a brilliant place to take toddlers out for free. There’s so much to interest and stimulate them. From all the different colours to the textures, sounds and even smells, it’s a full sensory experience. We went to the garden centre this morning and Ollie had great fun pointing out the different colours of the flowers. We also listened out for different noises like trickling water from fountains, bees buzzing past and our feet crunching the gravel.


What better way to get some fresh air and exercise than a walk in the woods? There’s so much for little ones to see and do. You could search for animals, learn about different trees or have a teddy bear’s picnic.
Or why not make your own treasure hunt and give them a list of items to find.
There’s also the Gruffalo Spotter app which has interactive trails in 26 different forests!


Most animal sanctuaries are free to enter and just ask for a donation to help towards the animals’ care. They’re a great opportunity for teaching older kids about animal welfare and the importance of looking after pets.


If you live close enough to the beach, this has got to be high on your list. A walk on the beach, paddle in the sea and picnic is a lovely way to spend a day without spending any money!


A very simple but easy and free way to get out of the house! If you have a group of Mum friends, why not arrange to each host a play date. You’ll get a change of scenery, the kids can play together, and you’ll get some much needed adult conversation!


There are lots of child friendly museums that are free to visit. Check out the places shortlisted for the Family Friendly Museum Award for inspiration!

There’s also plenty of outdoor galleries to visit such as The Yorkshire Sculpture Park


If we’re out shopping, I always pop into the local pet shop. It can be dull for kids to trudge round the shops so stopping at the pet shop breaks up the boredom. Ollie loves to watch all the different animals, especially the tropical fish.


We go to our local park regularly to play on the swings and slide. It’s completely enclosed so Ollie can run around freely and burn up some energy! We usually take a football and kick that around for a while too. We’re lucky to have quite a few parks within driving distance so we visit different ones for a change of scenery.


I’m sure there are lots of other great places to take toddlers for free. Got an idea? Leave it in the comments to inspire other parents!



Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts For Any Budget

Father’s Day is only a few days away and I know there’s going to be lots of people who haven’t sorted their gifts yet! There’s still time to find the perfect gift to show your Dad, Grandad or father of your kids how much they are appreciated. It isn’t always about spending loads of money, it’s just showing them how much you care.

If you’re on a budget or want something truly personal, homemade is the way to go. Get the kids to make their Dad a card or present. A handmade drawing, handprint card or cake are all cheap and easy ways for kids to show Dad how much they care.

I LOVE Virgin Experience days because there’s so much choice and you get to gift something your Dad/partner probably won’t buy for themselves. For me, experiences or days out are brilliant because you make memories that will last a lot longer than most other gifts. With Virgin, most experience gift vouchers can be sent as an email so if you haven’t bought it in time for delivery you can always print it off! Added bonus, if you buy your partner an experience for 2 you get to enjoy it aswell…win win! 😂
Make sure you buy through Quidco or TopCashback to earn money back on your purchase!

I’ve followed this Facebook page and Instagram for a while now and have to say it is HILARIOUS! There are so many Mummy bloggers out there but it’s so refreshing to read about a Dad’s experience. Especially when he does it in such a funny way. I’ve only read a couple of chapters so far but I think it’s brilliant and I think a lot of Dads will relate to it too.

Last year I made my partner a gift hamper containing all his favourite food and drink. It didn’t take that much effort but he was seriously impressed. You can use any container you have handy, but Poundland have some great ones in at the minute. If you want to make it look more impressive just wrap it in cellophane and stick a bow on it! I usually buy it from Amazon or The Range because it’s cheap but you can also get it from most florists.

A monthly subscription is a great gift to receive because you keep getting presents every month! It’s not just magazine these days either, there’s subscriptions out there for everything from learning how to cook to beauty boxes to craft gins or real ales delivered to you door each month.

Any parent knows we’ve got one of the toughest jobs around. It’s amazing and wonderful but it can also be relentless and exhausting.
If you also work, it can feel like you never get a break.
Maybe you could give your partner some time to himself as a treat this Father’s Day. Maybe he’s passionate about sports – get him tickets to his favourite game. Maybe he just likes to chill at home – take the kids out for the day, or get them to make him handmade vouchers that entitle him to watch what he wants with no-one complaining, 10 minutes of silence, snacks on demand…anything you can think of!

Simple but effective! Get the kids involved and get them to help make Dad’s breakfast this Father’s Day. Give him a lie in and get the kids to deliver their cards and breakfast to him in bed.

Lots of parents don’t treat themselves to the things they really want. Whether it’s clothes, aftershave, a hobby or even a meal out. If there’s something you know your Dad or partner loves but won’t treat them self to, this has to be the perfect gift.




9 Ways To Financially Prepare For A Baby

9 Ways To Financially Prepare For a Baby image We all know having kids can be expensive. But if you’re financially prepared it doesn’t have to be as expensive or stressful as you might think. Here are my top tips on how to financially prepare for a new baby:

Take some time to go through your income and outgoings and give yourself a money makeover. Check how much maternity pay you’re entitled to and use this to work out a budget. Factor in new regular purchases such as nappies, milk and baby food.

Do you have credit cards or loans? Will you be able to pay these on a lower income? If you can, try to pay as much debt off as possible before the baby arrives – the last thing you’ll want to do afterwards is worry about your finances.

If you’re on a low income you may be entitled to benefits. You can check your eligibility online, and if you do qualify, you may also be entitled to a Sure Start Maternity Grant of £500. https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators

One for the best ways to financially prepare for a baby is to start  a savings account. When I discovered I was pregnant was set up a Direct Debit to save a bit of my wages up before I left work. I was paid weekly and found out very early on that I was pregnant so I saved £20 a week and had around £500 saved by the time I went on maternity leave. It made me feel a lot more secure knowing we had a bit of cash put by to fall back on in case of emergencies. You could save all the spare change you have at the end of the day or set your own penny challenge. 

Baby clubs are a great way to get free products and discounts. Most of the big supermarkets and kid’s shops have one. They regularly send money off vouchers, discounts and details of sales and promotions. You can join them while you’re pregnant and receive freebies and discounts to use on baby essentials.

It’s easy to get carried away and buy loads of adorable baby clothes, toys and fill your house with things you don’t actually need. Write a list of all the things you think you need – then go through it again and see if you can cut out any non essentials (nappy bin springs to mind).  More often than not friends and family will buy you more baby clothes and toys than you could ever use anyway!

If you’re happy to buy second hand, Facebook, eBay and nearly new sales are all fab for bargains. Even if you want brand new things, there are still ways to save. Make sure you shop around for the best price, always use a cashback site like Quidco or TopCashback when shopping online, check for online voucher codes and make use of your Baby Club discounts. I picked the travel system I wanted pretty early on in my pregnancy. Then I kept my eye on it for 4 months until it went on sale at Mothercare. I used a £10 off voucher from their baby club, and got cashback from Quidco – I ended up saving a massive £261! Follow my Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest bargains and discounts.

Do you have enough space in your home for a new baby? If you’re going to move it’s worth doing before the baby comes along. Not only is moving stressful and will be much more tricky with a newborn in tow, but if you’re buying a home, having a new baby could actually decrease the amount you can borrow on a mortgage.

If you’ve got existing debt, see if you can pay some or all of it off before the baby is born. If you can’t, make sure you’re getting the best interest rate you can. A lot of people use 0% interest credit cards and switch to a new one when the interest free period ends. If you do this, just be aware that if you decide not to return to work, you may find it difficult to apply for credit – as you’ll have no income.

It’s something a lot of people put off because they just don’t want to think about it, or think it’s too morbid. But if the worst was to happen, wouldn’t you want to know your child was taken care of? Wills aren’t just about what happens to your assets – they can also explain who should take care of your child if you’re not around anymore.

Woburn Safari Park – Frugal Family Days Out

Frugal Family Days Out - Woburn Safari Park
When you’ve got kids, days out can be pretty pricey. So I’ve decided to start a new feature on the blog – frugal family days out.

There are tons of ways to spend time together as a family without breaking the bank. Family days out don’t have to be as expensive as you think!

Last week we went to Woburn Safari Park.
We had a lovely family day out. We saw lots of animals up close, and best of all it was totally FREE!

I used our Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy our tickets so it didn’t cost us a penny!

Tesco Clubcard Boost is amazing for days out. You can get up to 4 times the value of your points to spend at various attractions. Just log in to your account, pick the deal you’d like and swap your points for vouchers. Some are emailed and some are posted out so check the offer details.

An adult ticket to Woburn will cost you £7.50 in Clubcard points, a child ticket £5 and under 3s are free. If we had paid at the gate it would have cost us £62 for a family of 4! So we made a massive saving by using our Tesco points.

I also took a picnic with us (paid for with my Nectar points) so we didn’t need to spend any money when we got there. Taking a packed lunch is another great way to save money on family days out!

The park opens at 10am, and we arrived around 10.30am which was pretty good going for us. We only set off an hour later than planned and no-one forgot anything. Winning already!

The queue to get in was pretty big which seemed like a bad sign of things to come. Once we were inside, it actually wasn’t a problem. We went on Good Friday, so it was more busy than usual. Apart from a fairly slow trip around the drive through and a long queue for the pedalos, it didn’t affect our day at all.

You start at the drive through safari – although you can bypass this if you want to. I took us about an hour to drive round it all as there were quite a lot of cars on the road.

I’ve never been to a safari park before so it was great to see all the animals close up. They are roaming around freely within certain sections, so you have to keep your windows and doors shut and there are signs explaining that animals could damage your car. Our car is pretty much on the way out so it wasn’t an issue for us. There were a lot of support vehicles around and I saw them herding the rhinos away from the road when they got too close. You also have the opportunity to bypass the safari completely, or skip certain parts like the monkey ensclosure. So if you are worried about your car, you don’t need to enter those sections.

You start at the rhinos then head into the carnivores section, finishing with the monkeys. There’s lots to see on the way round. Although there were a lot of cars on the road, we still saw all the animals including 3 black bear cubs having a snooze in a tree!
Once you’ve finished the drive through, you park up and get out to enjoy the rest of the park.

There’s lots to do including animal enclosures, outdoor playground, reptile house, sealion show (extra £2 pp), animal talks and a big soft play area. There’s also Go Ape, which you can pay extra for, but there’s a minimum age of 10.

When you arrive at the park, you’re given a timetable of all the events and keeper talks happening throughout the day. It happened to be elephant conservation weekend while we were there, so we headed to the elephant talk to see what it was all about. I’m so glad we did because I learnt a lot about how the elephants and looked after (including that they’re taken on daily walks and to their own private lake for a swim) and we got the opportunity to stroke one at the end. I think these are a great opportunity for older kids to learn about animal welfare and conservation.

We had a wander around the park seeing loads of animals including birds, meerkats, otters, giraffes and monkeys. We then stopped off in one of the picnic areas to eat our lunch.

If you want to buy food and drink there, there are several restaurants, aswell as ice cream and drinks stands. Some of it is quite expensive – £5.49 for a child’s lunch box – but that’s pretty standard these days at attractions like this.

The boys had a little play on the outdoor park and we headed into the squirrel monkey enclosure. For me the best part of the park are these walk through enclosures. The animals are roaming around freely while you walk through so you can get really close to them. Ollie LOVED the wallabies. He thought they were so funny and kept jumping up and down shouting ‘Boing’! He also loved the lemurs and the birds.

By the afternoon Ollie was getting pretty tired and a bit grumpy. We didn’t take his buggy as he likes to walk most of the time. I’d also read online that there are certain areas where buggies aren’t allowed. This includes the walk in enclosures.

I’d just started thinking this was a mistake when I remembered you can go round the drive through safari as many times as you like. So we hopped back in the car and he was asleep within 5 minutes. It was actually a lot better for us the second time around. The road was a lot quieter which meant the animals had all moved closer and we could see them up close. It was amazing driving right past 3 white rhino – we could practically touch them! We also saw more bears which were hiding the first time around. When we got to the monkey enclosure, one jumped on our bonnet which absolutely made my stepson’s day.

As far as family days out go, this was one of the best we’ve had. Overall we had a really good day and I would definitely go back, and recommend it to other families. There’s something for all ages. The boys were 8 and 17 months when we went and they both had a great time – and so did me and my partner! I’m glad we used our vouchers though, as I think it would have been a bit pricey for the whole family if we had paid full price.

Our highlights:

  • Stroking an elephant at the keeper talk
  • Getting up close to the wallabies, lemurs, monkeys and birds
  • Swan pedalos
  • A lemur jumping right past our faces in the walk through enclosure
  • Watching the penguins and sealions swim underwater

Things to note:

  • Buggies aren’t allowed in walk in enclosures. If you don’t want to leave it outside, you might want to consider leaving it at home or in the car.
  • You can go round the drive through as many times as you want so if it’s busy or bad weather, you can always try again later in the day
  • If you use Tesco Clubcard vouchers you MUST print them and take them with you!
  • Food is quite expensive but you can take your own, and there are picnic areas available.
  • Soft top convertibles can’t do the whole safari – you won’t be allowed in the carnivores section.

How To Get Freebies By Product Testing

Product testing is a fantastic way to save money by bagging a few freebies.
It also gives you the chance to try products you might not have considered before without having to spend any money. 

Since I’ve been product testing, I’ve had free nappies, baby products, food, wine and even makeup! 

Here’s a list of my top 5 product testing sites:

I absolutely LOVE The Orchard at Tesco. Their product testing programme is really easy to take part in. The basic idea is they send you invitations for programmes you may be eligible for, you complete a few questions and if you’re accepted they send you vouchers for free products. You also usually get a couple of extra money off vouchers for yourself and to pas on to friends. 

All you need to do is post on social media about your experience. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more you post, the better your Orchard Score becomes, meaning you’ll be more likely to get on future programmes. You also get Tesco Clubcard points for every action you complete! 

Since I’ve been an Orchard member, I’ve had free flowers, berries, cheese, Christmas desserts, cranberry sauce, frozen meals and loads more!

UPDATED 21st MARCH 2017 – Tesco have just announced that they will be closing The Orchard from 31st March. Such a shame as I’ve had loads of great freebies and really enjoyed their programmes! 

Super Savvy Me is a good site for any money saver. They regularly have printable coupons and run loads of competitions. Their Savvy Circle is a product testing community for P&G products. 

If you’re accepted for a campaign, you’ll be sent free products and you just need to leave reviews and complete surveys on their site. Last year I got a load of Pampers nappies to test out (44 if I remember rightly) plus some to pass on to friends and a little tote bag! 

Ollie investigating what’s in the box!

I’ve only been signed up to BzzAgent for a few weeks and I’ve just been accepted onto my first programme. I received my free Johnson’s baby bath this morning. All we have to do is use it and review it…simple! 

Mothercare often run campaigns for product testers. You just need to sign up to their baby club to take part. They offer everything from digital thermometers to prams and car seats. I’ve never been lucky enough to get on one of their programmes but it’s worth applying as it only takes a minute to do so. Fingers crossed I’ll get to take part in one of their campaigns soon!

This is a survey website as well as offering product testing. Most of the campaigns are for makeup, but I find it can be quite hard to get accepted. Even though I’ve applied for LOADS of them, I’ve only ever been accepted on to one. I’ve read that answering surveys means you’re more likely to get programme invites, but I’m not sure how true that is! 

Things to be aware of: 

  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! We’ve all seen the bogus ads online offering free iPads or laptops, all you have to do is provide ALL your information and bank details. SCAM! 
  • If you’re unsure if a site is legit, do a quick Google search and look for reviews. You’ll soon see if it has a bad reputation.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Any Budget

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away (26th March to be exact) so I thought I’d share my ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that can work on a budget. 

Personally I think the whole point of Mother’s Day is to show your Mum you love and appreciate her. It’s not about how much money you spend. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, gifts that come from the heart are often appreciated a lot more!

So here’s a few ways to show your Mum you care without breaking the bank:

Simple, thoughtful and can be done on a budget. We all know how busy life can get as a Mum. So giving yours a chance to relax while you prepare a homemade family meal is sure to go down well!

If you’re doing a roast, meat is undoubtedly the most expensive part. Consider going veggie (Quorn do an AWESOME roast) or keep a look out for reduced yellow sticker cuts of meat over the next few weeks that you can freeze until the big day. 

While we’re on the subject of home cooking, why not get the kids involved and bake a cake or some butterfly buns for Nannie? It doesn’t have to cost a lot and if you’re not the best baker you can always blame poor presentation on the kids 😉😂

Homemade gifts are thoughtful and frugal, plus making them is a great way to keep the kids entertained for a few hours without the help of CBeebies! 

Ollie and I have already made our Mother’s Day cards and gifts – check out my Pinterest board for inspiration! 

I love these books! Either you buy one for your Mum -Dear Mum, from you to me –  she fills it in and gives it back to you, or you fill the Dear Daughter version in for her. They’re a really special way to look back and share your memories with each other. Filling it in reminded me of loads of happy times from my childhood that I hadn’t thought about in years so I enjoyed it as much as my Mum did! 

I make gift hampers for my family all the time. In fact they’re probably sick of receiving them but I love making them because they can be truly personalised. 

Find a nice basket or gift box and fill it with your Mum’s favourite things. A bit of tissue paper, cellophane and ribbon and you’ll have a really pretty, impressive looking gift! Both The Range and The Card Factory sell cheap ribbons, bows and tissue paper. Poundland is great for toiletries and chocolates. 

I think photo gifts are a lovely way to share your memories. Plus these days most of us have a camera with us almost all the time, so why not make the most of all those photos? 

Photo prints can be pricey but Money Saving Expert have a whole page dedicated to finding the cheapest deals on photo prints and gifts. The Range is really good for cheap photo albums. 

I personally love getting experiences or days out as gifts because I think memories last a lot longer than possessions. Why not plan a family trip out with your Mum? Take her somewhere you loved as a kid or make some new memories with her and your own children. 

You can exchange Tesco Clubcard points for some great days out such as safari parks, sea life centres, Merlin Attractions like Alton Towers, safari parks and loads more. You can get up to 4 times the value of your points so you could treat your Mum and the kids at the same time without spending a fortune! 

I don’t mean books that tell you how to raise your kids, because honestly who wants that. But there’s a new wave of parenting books out there at the minute where bloggers and authors share their honest experiences of parenting. 

The reason these books are so popular is that they are so honest! These women don’t pretend to have the ‘perfect’ family. They just tell it how it is, give you a good laugh (and maybe a little cry) and make you realise that in the end we’re all in the same boat when it comes to parenting.

Saving For Christmas 2017

Ok so I know it’s only February and Christmas is a LONG way off but a real Tightwad Mama is always organised…so I’m going to talk about ways to save for Christmas!

So many people put off the thought of Christmas until the last minute because it’s too expensive. But it’s only expensive because you’ve put it off, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy! If you get organised now, you can save a load of extra cash for Christmas without making too much effort and you don’t even really need to think about it throughout the year!

Loyalty points are a great way to cut the cost of Christmas. I save them up throughout the year to use on my Xmas shopping.

Sainsbury’s have their Double Up Event at the end of the year and I’ve got some mega bargains in the past such as FIFA 17 for £1.99 instead of £41.99!
Boots always have good offers such as 3 for 2 on gifts.
It’s a shame Tesco have ended their Clubcard Boost – but if you join their Christmas Savers, you’ll receive your Clubcard vouchers in November rather than throughout the year. This way you can’t spend them any earlier and I find it’s a big help with cutting the cost of Christmas.

This year I’m doing the penny challenge with a twist. I’ll save a few pennies each day and by 1st December I’ll have £559.45 saved up and won’t really have missed the money!

I always get a few bargains in the January sales like Xmas cards, wrapping paper and a gifts. I only bought a few things this year as the sales were pretty disappointing.

I’ll keep an eye out for sales and bargains throughout the year and buy cheap presents to put away for Xmas. The key is don’t buy things just because they’re cheap! Make sure you know wh you’re buying it for, if not it might not even get used and you’ll have wasted money rather than saving it! Also make a list of what you’ve bought so you don’t end up forgetting and buying 2 pressies for the same person!

Many supermarkets like Asda and Tesco have a savings programme where you can put some money by throughout the year. I put £10 on each month at Tesco so when it comes to doing our December food shop, it’s already paid for.

Be aware, you can only spend your money in that particular store and if the shop were to go bust you could lose your savings. Personally I feel safe saving with Tesco as it’s unlikely they will close down. You could put your savings in a bank account but I know I would spend it before Xmas as there’s always some emergency (car, baby, wine etc) that crops up throughout the year.

I love handmade personal gifts. In fact almost all my family get something handmade or truly personal each year. Not only is it a great way to save money but it’s a thoughtful way to show someone how much you care.

Look out for opportunities throughout the year to make something special. Last year I did the Monopoly Pub Crawl with my sister (a drink in a pub on every Monopoly square) we went in August but I knew it would be a great opportunity for a gift. So I took loads of photos and saved things like train tickets, receipts and mementos to make her a photo album for Christmas. As I knew about it in advance, I could keep an eye out for deals on photo prints and cheap albums.

Cashback apps are great for free food and drink. Last year I got tons of cider which we saved for Christmas. I also got selection boxes, chocolate, ice cream and food. If it could keep till Christmas, we saved it up. If you’re hosting Christmas or another celebration, it’s a great way to give guests variety without spending a penny!

There are also loads of freebies to be had online. From free samples of perfume or makeup to pet food. I have a friend who saves up all the freebies she gets to make hampers for friends and family. They don’t know it was all free and with a bit of cellophane and ribbon she makes a really beautiful gift!

Sites like Swagbucks offer gift cards as rewards for answering surveys and completing tasks online. I save these up throughout the year to spend on my Christmas shopping.
Other sites also pay cash which you may want to save for your shopping but I find mine is always spent before December!
Check out my roundup of the best sites here!

Do you have any other ways you save up for Christmas? If so feel free to leave a comment and share your tips! 

The Ultimate Guide To Cashback Apps

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your supermarket shopping, cashback apps are a great place to start. They are a great way to get free drink and food as well as money off at supermarkets. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page you’ll always see photos of freebies I’ve bagged through cashback apps!

So, what are cashback apps and how do you use them?
Cashback apps allow you to claim money back on certain products that you buy in store or online. The apps all have slight differences, but pretty much work in the same way. You check out the offers on the app, go shopping and buy the products listed, take a photo of your receipt and get some or all of the money back!

The apps are all pretty straight forward, and most of them have a tutorial section.

How To Use Cashback Apps: 

1 – Browse the offers and find one you like!

2 – Check the amount you’ll be paid. If it says FREE you’ll get the full value of what you paid back, if it says £2 for example, that’s the amount you’ll get paid back.

Offers on CheckoutSmart
3 – Check which shop the offer is valid in.

4 – Check when the offer expires. Some run out pretty quickly so ensure you buy the product within the offer date!

5 – Buy the product.

6 – Claim your cashback by selecting the relevant offers and uploading a photo of your receipt (and scanning the barcode for Shopmium and Shopitize). Make sure you claim ALL the offers on your receipt.

7 – Check if you can claim the offer on any other apps – sometimes one product will be on 2 apps so you can claim cashback from both. CheckoutSmart and ClickSnap are the same company though, so you can’t claim for the same receipt on both. If they both have the same offer, and you want to claim twice, make sure you get a separate receipt to upload to each app. 

8 – Wait for your receipt to be processed.

9 – Get paid! Your money will either go into your bank account, PayPal or your cashback app account depending on which app you’re using.

Probably the best app for freebies. The offers are updated regularly but can expire quickly. Cashback is stored in your account – you can cash out straight away (but you’ll be charged 5%) or wait until you’ve got £20 to cash out for free. Money is paid into your bank account within 10 days.

Good for trying new products and money is paid directly into your bank or PayPal within a couple of days. Has an ‘eligibility checker’ so you can scan the barcode in store and make sure you’re buying the correct product!

Sign up with code KHEYEFKU to get a free Lindt chocolate bar! 

Powered by Quidco so cash goes directly into your Quidco account. Receipts are normally processed within a day or two.
For ‘FREE’ products it often offers a set amount – e.g £1.50 when you buy a particular loaf of bread. This means you’ll get £1.50 regardless of how much you pay, so if you can find it on offer somewhere for £1, you’ve just made 50p profit.

Doesn’t often have freebies, just offers some money back on certain products. Offers are updated every Wednesday.
Need a minimum of £4 to cash out. Receipts need to be perfectly clear, not wrinkled and no shadows, and uploaded properly or they won’t be accepted.

Can only be used in Sainsbury’s or Waitrose. Offers are updated weekly. Cash out after £1.50.

Important things to remember:

  • Always check the offer details. There’s no point buying it from ASDA if it states Tesco only, because you won’t get paid!
  • Make sure your receipt pictures are clear and not blurred, and that they have the date, time and store details on.
  • Check product prices on MySupermarket before you shop to get the most out of cashback offers.
  • Check you’re buying the right product! Make sure the pack size, flavour etc all matches the offer.
  • ClickSnap and CheckoutSmart are the SAME COMPANY so you can’t upload the same receipt to both!
  • DON’T BUY THINGS YOU DON’T NEED! Don’t get tempted to buy things you wouldn’t normally just because there’s 50p off! If it isn’t totally free or you weren’t going to buy it anyway, is it really a bargain?!
  • Upload your receipts ASAP so you don’t forget or miss the offer deadline! Otherwise you won’t be paid.
  • Save your receipts until your cashback is confirmed. Occasionally you will be asked to upload it again – for instance if you’ve missed part of the receipt out of the photo or if it can’t be read easily. 

Baby Sign Language For Beginners

How to teach your baby sign language
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Baby sign language is something I’ve been really passionate about teaching Ollie.
I read a lot of information about it when I was pregnant, and thought the benefits like improving communication and decreasing frustration sounded great!

Children’s ability to understand language and communication is often a lot more advanced than their ability to speak. And if you’ve ever been around a tantrumming toddler, you’ll know how this can be frustrating for them – and how often it can lead to total meltdowns. Baby sign language gives children a way to communicate using gestures and signs.

When you start talking about baby sign language, people always want to know things like ‘does baby sign language really work’, ‘when will my baby sign back’ and even ‘will baby sign language delay speech?’.

Baby signing and Makaton use symbols and gestures in spoken word order. When oh sign a word or phrase, you will also say it out loud. So it is used to support speech rather than replace it.

Baby sign language and Makaton are different to British Sign Language. They are becoming more popular with parents as a way to help their children learn to communicate – whether they have hearing difficulties or not.

As a parent who has tried and loved baby signing, I want to share my personal experience.

For us, baby sign language has been a fantastic way to communicate. Ollie was able to learn and use signs long before he could speak so it helped us understand what he needed even as a young baby.

There are a few different options you could go down, such as group classes, books, DVDs or YouTube tutorials…and let’s not forget Mr Tumble!

I found a bit of information online, but a lot of the websites and videos seemed to be based around American Sign Language.
Group classes are really popular, but I just couldn’t afford them as I was already paying for 3 baby groups a week.

Instead, I chose to get a few books from Amazon. After reading reviews I ordered a couple of the Child’s Play series and I was so pleased! They’re the perfect design for babies and toddlers, as they are colourful, illustrated board books. Each sign comes with a description and cute illustration of a child signing it. If you’re on a budget, these books are really good value for money, as each one is less than £5 – which is about what you would pay for one class! I started with My First Signs: BSL (Baby Signing) and Play Time (Sign About).
I’ve also just bought some flash cards which are great for toddlers and older children – signing isn’t just for babies!

We also watch ‘Something Special’ on CBeebies. While I do limit TV time, we watch Mr Tumble pretty regularly. I don’t know what it is about Justin that kids love so much, but Ollie is OBSESSED with him!  We pick up new signs and he always has a dance to the ‘friends’ song 😂

Choose a couple of signs to start with that will be relevant to your baby – such as ‘milk’ or ‘food’. Use the sign while saying the word.

So each time you give your baby a feed, ask them if they want food/milk while making the sign. Repetition is key here! You need to make sure you’re consistent and it may take a while before baby starts signing back, especially the younger they are.

Don’t introduce too many new signs in one go or you will just overload them! I never introduced more than 3 signs at a time and found this worked pretty well. 

Common consensus is that babies will start to recognise and interact with signs from about 6-9 months. But, the earlier you introduce them the better. I started with ‘milk’ around 4 months and would sign it to Ollie at every feed. He learnt to associate the action and word with the result he wanted and could sign it himself by 6 months.
As soon as we started weaning I introduced ‘food’ and ‘all gone’, then later ‘water’. All were picked up within a few weeks.
The older Ollie gets and the more signs he learns, the quicker he picks them up. I recently taught him ‘more’ which he mastered in one day along with the word!

Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect. Ollie has adapted a couple of signs to make them easier for himself! We understand what he wants so that’s all that matters!

Child using baby sign language to sign milk
Ollie signing ‘milk’
Child using baby sign language to sign food
Ollie signing ‘food’

From personal experience I can say the biggest benefit has been decreasing Ollie’s frustration. Although his speech is developing well, there are certain things he just can’t say or ask for. So signing has helped him communicate with me and reduced his tantrums.
A lot of people wonder if baby sign language will delay speech, but research shows that it actually helps them develop communication skills.

In my experience, Ollie’s speech has not been held back at all. He can say more words than average for his age, and he’s even started making his own gestures for words he can’t say. I think this just shows how baby sign language helps develop communication skills. He realises for himself at 15 months that if he can’t verbally ask for something, he can find another way to communicate his feelings or needs.

It also helps develop social skills, fine motor skills and concentration.

Brilliant Baby Clubs


A great way to save money when you have kids is to join baby clubs. A lot of people ask how to get coupons for baby products, well baby clubs are one way. Companies will send you money off vouchers and freebies as a way to get you to shop with them or try their products. Often they’ll also send you emails full of information related to your stage of pregnancy or your child’s age.

There are lots of clubs out there, but here are my favourites:

Boots  is definitely my favourite baby club by far, as they just give you so much stuff!

Everything is tailored to your baby’s age and what stage they’re at so you get emails, freebies and money off vouchers that are really useful and relevant!

I’ve had a free changing bag, 50 free photo prints, Ella’s Kitchen weaning book and a photo book just to name a few.

The club is a great way to boost your loyalty points as you get 10 points per £1 spent in the baby section AND they regularly send you vouchers for bonus points.

Tesco is good for money off vouchers and sometimes extra Clubcard points. If you’re a member they’ll also email you to let you know when the baby event is starting so you can grab a few bargains!

Sign up with code AWPUNU and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a year’s supply of nappies or an Aveeno bundle!

Cow and Gate
This is a good club to register with while pregnant, as you’ll receive a free pregnancy diary and cuddly cow. You will then get regular emails related to your child’s development which are quite helpful.

Once your child gets to around 6 months they send you vouchers for money off their baby food and formula. I found these SO useful as Ollie loved their porridge but a small box doesn’t last long!

Mothercare send you over £100 of money-off vouchers when you sign up. I used the £10 off when you spend £100 voucher to buy my travel system.

You also get 20% off toys on your child’s birthday and a heads up before sales start.

Babies R Us

When you sign up to the Babies R Us club, you’ll receive some money off vouchers and a loyalty card.

You earn points on your card every time you shop with them, and these reward you with money off vouchers a couple of times a year.

Ella’s Kitchen
If you ‘become a friend’ of Ella’s Kitchen, you’ll be sent a weaning pack containing a wall chart, stickers, recipes and money off vouchers.

You also get access to their weaning app. I found the information on their website and app really useful when I started weaning as I had no idea where to start. Ollie also enjoyed a lot of the recipes.

Kiddylicious have a new baby club which promises to keep you updated with the latest news, offers, free product samples and competitions!

If you join by the end of February they’ll send you a free snack for your little one!

If there’s a particular company or product you like, check out whether they have a baby club and you may save yourself some money!