5 Easy Ways To Earn Cash Back On Your Shopping

Shopping is something we all have to do. Whether it’s for food, clothing, household items or anything else…it’s an essential part of life. But if you’re trying to be more frugal, there are ways you can earn cash back on the things you buy.

These are my top 5 ways to earn cash back on your shopping:

Grocery Cashback Apps

I love using cashback apps on my food shopping. There’s a few good ones out there, but my current favourites are Shopmium and CheckoutSmart. Signup to the Shopmium App with my code KHEYEFKU and you’ll get a free jar of Nutella!
The basic idea with these apps is that you view the offers, pick what you want, buy it, then upload a photo of your receipt and get some or all of the money paid back to you. If you’re already going to buy a product on the app, you’ve instantly saved money. But a lot of the time you can find new products to try on there completely free. I’ve had £100s of cashback from these apps, over £200 from CheckoutSmart alone!

Online Cashback Apps

Quidco and TopCashback are the main cashback apps I use. If you’re shopping online, make sure you check one or both of these sites first to find out if you can get some cashback. All you need to do is find the retailer you want to buy from on the cashback website, then click the link through to the retailers website and buy your product as normal. Sometimes it can take a long time for them to track your purchase and pay you your cash back, but I just see this as bonus money so I’m not too bothered about how long it takes to receive it. Sometimes you might only earn a few pennies (which all add up) but you can earn a lot of cash back especially if there are special offers on.

Recently my Mum earned £431 cash back on sofas she was already buying! £431….that’s a massive saving on something she was going to buy anyway. Literally all she did was find the retailer on Topcashback, then click through their link instead of going to the site directly. A couple of months later she received the money into her account. Just goes to show it’s always worth checking these sites before buying online!

Snap Your Receipts

Over the past couple of years receipt apps such as Shoppix and Receipt Hog have become bigger and more popular. The idea with these is that you snap a picture of your receipt and earn points each time. When you’ve collected enough points, you can swap them for vouchers or money. Personally I use Shoppix and I absolutely love it. I earned my first £5 cash back after a few weeks. If you sign up with code DS76RCFT you get 200 points just for registering!

Check the app regularly as they also have a question of the week which takes 1 minute to answer and gives you a few more points. You also earn ‘scratchcards’ for uploading receipts and you can win more points by scratching these on the app.

Earn Cash Back Through Your Bank Or Credit Card

If you have a good credit score, you can use it earn cash back via a specialist credit card. Lots of different companies have these credit cards, and some bank accounts even offer cashback via your debit card. Money Saving Expert has a full section related to cashback credit cards where you can see if they’re right for you.

Visa Offers via HSBC and First Direct

If you’ve got a HSBC or First Direct account, you can sign up for Visa offers. The Visa offers website gives you chance to search for retailers and see what cash back offers they have. You then load the offer to your card and go shopping. These aren’t always just online either. Often you can load the offer to your card, then spend on it as normal in store and the cash is credited directly back to your card. First Direct often come out top in customer service polls and offer cash for switching to them, so even if they aren’t your normal bank, it might be worth looking into switching!

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5 easy ways to earn cash back on your shopping

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