Brilliant Books For 2 Year Olds

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Books are a huge part of our home life. I’ve been obsessed with reading and books since I was a kid and Ollie seems to be the same. I love cuddling up on the sofa and reading a book together before bedtime. It’s the perfect way for us to get some quality time together while he winds down for the day.

I also love how cheap you can find books these days. I find the best places to buy are Amazon, The Works, supermarkets and charity shops.

At 2 years old Ollie’s already got a pretty impressive book collection but there are certain books he’ll choose time and time again. So today I’m sharing our favourites:

Dear Zoo

This is such a classic and one of my favourites from my childhood. If you don’t know the story, it’s a lift the flap book about a child being sent different animals from the zoo as pets. Ollie’s liked it for a while, and now he’s 2 he knows most of the words and thinks he can read it. It was so cute watching him ‘read’ it to his great grandparents last week.

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Chocolate Mousse For Greedy Goose

We are HUGE fans of Julia Donaldson and have lots of her books, but this is one of the most popular around here. It’s a silly rhyming book about animals eating food with bright colourful illustrations. I have to avoid reading it before bed because Ollie wants it repeating at least 10 times and bedtime gets later and later!

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Goodnight World

This book is so beautiful and Ollie always requests it before his afternoon nap. My Mum bought it for him while she was on holiday in Canada and it quickly became one of his favourites. It’s full of traditional illustrations of animals from the native North West. I love that it’s introduced Ollie animals he’s never heard of before like beavers!

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The Highway Rat

This is Ollie’s new favourite Julia Donaldson book after we completed the Highway Rat Activity Trail recently. It’s about a mean rat that steals all the food from the other creatures, but learns his lesson in the end. It’s full of brilliant illustrations and rhymes.

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Big Fish Little Fish

This is a lovely rhyming book all about opposites.  It’s very bright and colourful and Ollie loves the rhymes. It definitely captures the interest of a toddler!

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That’s Not My….

I’m pretty sure most households these days have at least one of the That’s Not My… books. I love the fact that they interest babies, toddlers and older kids. Ollie’s favourite toy is his panda which he takes everywhere so of course he loves That’s Not My Panda. But we’ve recently bought That’s Not My Unicorn and I think I love it just as much as he does! He’s also got a couple of the Christmas versions which are great.

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What books does your toddler love?

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