img_1856Being a Tightwad Mama isn’t about being stingy or mean. It’s all about being sensible, organised and realistic with your money. I look for opportunities to save money every day, and last week was a great example:

Today was a GREAT day for cashback app freebies. I know I’m always banging on about them, but I save so much money using them I can’t help it! Personally I check them every day as the offers change sporadically and I don’t like to miss out.

This lot is a great haul because there’s so many products I love but find a bit pricey – like the Brookside chocolates and the Little Dish meals – so getting them for free is awesome.

I also used my £6 off desserts coupon from The Orchard to get some great desserts for Xmas day – the Millionaires Tart looks AMAZING! If you’re not a member of The Orchard yet, I thoroughly recommend it as a great way to try out free Tesco products.

With cashback apps and The Orchard I got £36.50 of freebies! 

                                                 Today we had a rare baby free night out – woohoo!!! My mother in law kindly agreed to have the baby overnight so we could go out for my OH’s Xmas meal.

Rather than buying a new outfit, I raided my wardrobe and found a gorgeous dress that I love, but had forgotten about as I haven’t had much chance to wear it.

It was so good to dress up, have a few drinks and a night full of adult conversation!

It was all generously paid for by the boss and we arranged lifts there and back so we didn’t have to shell out for a taxi.

I had a bottle of prosecco left over from my birthday the other week so we got to have a couple of drinks when we got a home and didn’t spend a single penny all night!

                                                             We decided to have a spend free day, snuggled up on the sofa watching Christmas films and drinking hot chocolate. To be honest it was nice to have a lazy day after having a few drinks last night! It was great to have some family time and get in the festive spirit without having to spend any money!

                                                           To share the financial load of hosting Xmas, my family make a list of all the food and drink we want for the big day and split it between us. One of my contributions is a cheeseboard as I’m totally cheese obsessed, and Christmas is a great excuse to eat my own body weight without being judged 😂

I found this great selection of cheese and chutneys in Aldi. They’re really good value for money and look good too. Can’t wait to try the balsamic onion and Rioja cheddar which was only £1.99! The biggest bargain has got to be the Boursin at only 79p!


I spent the day doing Xmas crafts with my little boy. We made cards from his hand and footprints, and salt dough ornaments. I only spent £1 on the inkpad as everything else I already had at home! I know my artistic skills leave something to be desired but it’s the thought that counts right?


My poor little boy has been ill today so we pretty much spent the whole day in bed with him watching CBeebies in between naps.

As I was bed bound for the day, I used the time to do a bit of ‘life admin’. I decided to cancel my swimming membership as I just don’t have the time to go enough to make it worthwhile. This will save me £204 a year!

I also did a credit card balance transfer, as the interest free period had ended. If I hadn’t, it would have shot up to 29.9% and cost me up to £200 a year!!!

So it’s definitely worth checking if you’ve got a promo or introductory rate on any cards before you get a nasty shock!


Another good day for cashback apps! I got a ton of baby food and some Xmas essentials like stuffing and turkey gravy all free! My baby is still ill and won’t eat anything besides baby food from a jar or pouch. I thought when I became a Mum I’d automatically develop the skill of cooking comfort food. Apparently not. Anything lovingly homemade gets spat out or thrown from the highchair with a look of pure disgust. So, these freebies will go down well and I’m making a collection for the food bank so anything he doesn’t eat will go in there.

Overall it’s been a pretty good week for money saving! It’s hard not to spend money at this time of year, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out for opportunities to save more and spend less! In one week I bagged £56.67 free products, had a free night out and saved myself £404 a year!

A week in the life of a Tightwad Mama

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