Most of us these days own a smartphone, and there is literally an app for everything – from recording your daily calories to how many times your newborn baby poos. Money saving is no different and there are loads of apps out there to help you save. So what are the best apps for money saving?

Here’s a list of my favourites:

The basic idea of cashback apps is that companies want to get exposure for their products or service. So they pay cashback apps to advertise them, then the app passes some or all of the money you paid for the product back to you. Sounds too good to be true? I thought this when I first discovered CheckoutSmart, but I’ve had loads of money and freebies over the past year and I wouldn’t be without them now!

This is a great cashback app that offers freebies aswell as discounts on new products – usually food and drink. The offers are updated fairly regularly and your cashback will be paid directly into your bank or PayPal account within a couple of days.

You need to check individual offer details such as when the offer is valid, where you can buy it from and how much money you’ll get back. I’ve had quite a lot of free baby food from this app so it’s great for fellow Tightwad Mamas!

If you sign up with my code KHEYEFKU you can get a free Lindt Chocolate Bar!

Another great app for free food and drink. I’ve had a tons of free beer, cider and food. Even if it’s things I won’t use, I get the freebies to save for when we have guests round or to donate to the local food bank.  Like Shopmium, each individual offer states the shop it is valid in and how long you have to claim it. Upload a photo of your receipt, which is usually processed within a day or two, then the money gets added to your balance. You can cash out for free when your balance hits £20, or pay a 5% fee to cash out before.

Shopitize used to be one of my favourites but the amount of offers on there has REALLY decreased lately. Personally I think it’s still worth checking but it’s not as good as the others. The offers change every Wednesday. You need a minimum of £4 to cash out.

This is a pretty new cashback app. It only caters for Sainsburys and Waitrose but the offers on there can be pretty good!

Great for online shopping, Quidco is paired with TONS of partners so you can get cashback on shopping from pretty much anywhere you want to shop online. You can also earn cashback on things like car insurance quotes and changing utility suppliers. Cashback can take a long time to track and be paid depending on the retailer so don’t expect it quickly. I see this as an added bonus on purchases I would have made anyway so I don’t really mind if I don’t get the money for a couple of months.

Sign up to Quidco here!

Quidco also has its own grocery cashback app – ClickSnap. It’s easy to use and there are some good offers on there. Money is paid within a couple of days into your Quidco account. Make sure you check which shop the offer is valid in, as they often state only 1 or 2 supermarkets and you won’t get the cashback if you buy it elsewhere.
BE AWARE CLICKSNAP AND CHECKOUTSMART ARE THE SAME COMPANY. So you can’t upload the same receipt to both of them.


Boots App
The Boots app is one of my favourite new discoveries. You get tailored offers that are updated pretty regularly and always on useful products, either for money off or bonus Advantage points. Once you’ve been on the app and loaded the offers to your card, points are added or money taken off automatically at the till when you scan your Advantage card. Get extra points by becoming a member of Boots Parenting Club!

Nectar App
A great app that shows your Nectar points balance and recent earnings. It allows you to boost your loyalty points by earning bonus points. Just load the offer to your card through the app and the points will be added automatically. You will get unique offers through the app that you can’t get elsewhere so it really is worth having if you’re a collector.


Greggs Rewards
Download the app and scan your phone every time you shop to earn rewards. In the past 3 weeks I’ve had a free hot drink, breakfast roll, Lucozade and a pasty!

If you’re a big Starbucks fan, you’ll love their app. You can use it to pay for your coffee and even order in advance to collect later! Every time you make a purchase through the app you earn ‘Stars’ which can be converted to rewards.


The new Pampers app allows you to earn points each time you buy their products. Simply upload a photo of your receipt and you’ll earn 10 points for every £1 you spend. These can be converted into some great rewards such as money off Pampers, photo gifts, books and more.

This is a comparison app that shows you the prices of different products at all the major supermarkets. I find it particularly useful if you’re going to buy a pricey item like spirits or washing powder, as you can easily see current promotions and where you can buy it cheapest. You can also set up notifications for any time the price of your favourite product drops.


Super Apps for Super Savers
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