Christmas is my favourite time of year and even though I’m on tight budget I don’t let that affect my celebrations. I’m actually normally a lot more organised and would have finished most of my shopping by now. This year has been a bit more hectic with a baby to take care of, but there’s still time to grab a few bargains and cut the cost of Christmas.

  • Set a budget AND STICK TO IT! 
    Decide how much you can realistically afford to spend and stick to that budget. If money is a bit tight, consider buying fewer presents – do you really need a gift for your kid’s teacher or the lady down the road? Set a spend limit with family or agree to only buy presents for the kids.
  • Make the most of cashback apps
    My Christmas stash is already full of free cider and chocolate from cashback apps. Every time there’s a freebie on offer it gets put away ready for Christmas. I’ve already got enough to invite friends around without having to spend a penny!
    I’ve also used Shopitize to get a few bargains on things we regularly use at Christmas, like a tub of Cadburys hot chocolate for only 63p!
    Shopmium is great for freebies, and if you sign up now through their app with my code: KHEYEFKU to get a free Lindt Chocolate Reindeer!
Keep an eye out for cashback app freebies!
  • Stock up on spirits
    If, like me you like a drink at Christmas (or any other time of the year for that matter) you will know it can often be the most expensive part of your Christmas bill. Especially if you are hosting friends and family. Keep a look out for special offers, starting now as prices tend to shoot up closer to Christmas.
    Use MySupermarket to request a notification anytime your favourite drinks drop in price.
  • Buy discount gift cards through Zeek
    So I’ve only just discovered Zeek but I already love it. It basically allows you to buy other people’s unwanted gift cards at discounted rates. Use my link to sign up and get a promo code for £5 off your first purchase! gift cards can be used straight away so are perfect for getting a discount on your online shopping. I bought a £20 card for £14 this week so managed to get a £6 discount on a present I was already buying!
  • Earn extra cash and gifts through Mystery Shopping
    I discovered mystery shopping whilst on maternity leave. It’s a great way to fill some spare time, earn a bit of cash and even get some freebies. Since I started in April, I’ve had free baby clothes, beauty treatments, car washes, wine, beer, toiletries, perfume, meals… the list goes on. I’m currently keeping an eye out for shops that could help me cut the cost of Xmas. I recently did a shop where I had £5 to spend in a supermarket, so I bought a xmas present for my step-son with it, plus I was paid an extra couple of pounds cash – win win! Find out how to become a Mystery Shopper
  • Grab Black Friday bargains
    Don’t be put off by the crazy pictures in the media of people fighting over TVs. Most retailers have promotions online so you don’t even need to leave the house. My favourite without a doubt is Amazon. I got so many bargains last year, and they even let you know in advance what will be going on sale and when. Tesco also had some great offers which I combined with Clubcard Boost.
    My Best Buy was the new Guitar Hero from Tesco direct. I paid £9 cash plus £20 Clubcard vouchers – it was selling for nearly £70 at the time!
  • Maximise your loyalty points value
    There are tons of ways to boost your Boots, Nectar and Tesco points. Tesco vouchers have already been sent out, but there’s still plenty of time to increase your Nectar and Boots totals to use for Xmas shopping – Find out how here!
    Nectar has a Double Up event on from 16th-22nd November so you can get twice the value for your points in certain departments. I’ll be using mine to get FIFA 17 (normally £42) without spending a penny!
  • Shop around
    Is there a particular toy your little one is hoping for? Don’t buy at the first place you see. Do your research and shop around online. Once you’ve found the cheapest price, look for discount codes and check if you can get cashback through Quidco or TopCashback.
  • Keep track of what you buy!
    So many times I’ve bought a presents and put them in a ‘safe place’ only to totally forget and buy another for the same person. Keep track of what you buy so you don’t go overboard.
  • Make your own gifts
    Homemade gifts are not only cheaper, they are more personal and can be a lot of fun to make – especially if you get the kids involved! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. I love gift wrapping so last year I made my own hampers for family. They went down so well I’ve even sold a few this year!

Christmas is a great time of year, especially for kids. So try not to stress about money, relax and most of all enjoy it!



How to survive Christmas on a budget
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