I am a huge fan of loyalty schemes. If a company has one, you can bet I’m signed up to it. They are a great way of getting a little something back for shopping you would be doing anyway.

Some schemes can take a loooooong time accrue anything worth spending, but there are ways to boost your loyalty points and make your cards work for you.

Boost your Nectar Points:

Canvass is Nectar’s survey website. You you’re rewarded with Nectar points for every survey you complete, and 2 points for every one you get screened out of. Personally I haven’t earned that many points as I do tend to get screened out of quite a few, which can be frustrating, but it’s worth giving it a go.

Shop online
Nectar has tons of partners, like Argos and Homebase that offer you Nectar points for shopping with them. You can find a full list on Nectar’s website.
Before buying through them, make sure you check if you can get a better bonus elsewhere. I’d always check cashback sites like TopCashback and Quidco first to see if I can earn more by shopping through them.

Link your eBay account to your Nectar card and you’ll earn points every time you shop there. Combine this with the Nectar app and you can earn big bonuses every now and again.

Nectar App
I love love love the Nectar app. They regularly update their offers, which you can load to your card from the app. Some offers are exclusive to the app and the points are added to your balance automatically.
Make sure to check it regularly, as I’ve had bonus points before just for opening the app!

‘Tag your bag’ with Oxfam
This is a great way to give to charity and be rewarded for doing so. You can register on the Oxfam website or in one of their stores. You get 100 points just for signing up, then 2 points for every £1 they make from your donated items. What’s great is Oxfam email you every few months to tell you how much your items have raised, so you know your old unwanted stuff is going to good use. There’s also occasionally offers to load from the app offering bonus points on your next donation.

My Coupons
My coupons is a great way to boost your Nectar balance. Once you’ve created an account, you can log in to see a list of products offering bonus points. These are generally tailored to what you regularly buy, but there are always a few random ones thrown in. You can select 5 offers at a time which you add to you wallet. Then simply buy the product, scan your Nectar card, and the bonus points are added within a few days. There’s no need to print the coupon off which is very handy if like me you don’t own a printer!

Bonus Points Coupons
Every so often you get bonus points coupons printed at the end of your shop. These are mostly tailored to you and will offer bonus points on items you regularly buy, or for spending a certain amount. Occasionally you get a coupon for a really random product you would never consider buying. Keep hold of these, even if you think you won’t use them. If you’re lucky, the item may pop up on a cashback app and you’ll get it for free, with the bonus points on top. This happened to me a couple of months ago – I got a £4 block of cheese for free, plus 120 bonus Nectar points.

Boost your TESCO Clubcard points:

The Orchard
I first heard about The Orchard from Tesco last year online. Since signing up I’ve had free flowers, cheese, frozen food, summer berries, cranberry sauce and more.
The basic idea is that you apply for one of their programmes (sort of product testing), if you’re accepted, you are sent a voucher for a free product and usually another couple of discount vouchers to pass to friends. You then use social media to share your experience about the product. For each activity you complete (posting to Facebook, Twitter, writing a report etc) you receive Clubcard points, and you boost your Orchard score which makes you more likely to be accepted for future programmes.
I think it’s a great way to get some freebies, boost your Clubcard points, and you may also get to try new products you wouldn’t have normally bought.

Monthly Receipt Survey 
At the bottom of every receipt you get from Tesco, there’s a link to a customer satisfaction survey. It’s pretty quick and easy to complete and you get 25 Clubcard points for doing it. You only get awarded the points once a month though, so don’t waste time completing one every time you shop there – unless you really just want to give some feedback!

Boost your BOOTS Advantage Points:

Boots App
The Boots app is brilliant for boosting your Advantage points, and saving money.
You get tailored offers on products you actually buy. These can be either money off, or extra Advantage points. I recently bought an Ella’s kitchen pouch for 10p using an offer on the app!

Boots Parenting Club
I have to say this is probably my favourite baby club because of how often they send you coupons. and they are actually for useful products, like money off nappies, wipes, baby food etc. There’s usually a couple of bonus point coupons in there too and they tend to last for a couple of months so you have plenty of time to use them.

A few things to note about loyalty points:

  • Be careful not to be lured in for bonus points if you can get the product cheaper elsewhere. It might be tempting to get an extra 50 points at Sainsburys, but if the product is £1 cheaper at Tesco the savings there massively outweigh the bonus points.
  • Watch how you spend them. It’s not always worthwhile spending your points in store. You get a much higher value with both Tesco and Nectar if you exchange your points with one of their partners. If you do want to use them instore, wait for Nectar’s Double Up event, or Tesco Boost.
  • Keep an eye out for promotions. Morrisons, Tesco and Nectar often have special promotions on where you get bonus points for buying groceries or fuel on a certain date. If you’re going to buy the product anyway, and it isn’t cheaper somewhere else, try and save it until this date.
How to boost your loyalty points

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