This weekend I fell well and truly off the diet wagon. I ate and drank like a pig, and though my waistline is suffering this week, my bank balance isn’t.

Even though we’re trying to save money at the minute for a house deposit, we still manage to enjoy a few luxuries like a few glasses of wine or the odd meal out. This weekend was a great example of how we manage to do it on a budget, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Friday night we went for a couple of beers at the pub, totally FREE! A few weeks ago I saw a SoPost offer on Facebook, which allowed you to send a voucher for 2 free pints of Kronenbourg to a friend. I sent it to my partner, and he sent me one back. We filled a short form in and received a voucher for 2 pints each through the post within a few days.
The best part was, after we used them, we both got an email thanking us for taking part in the offer and offering us another voucher! So for completing a 30 second form each we received a total of 8 free pints!

When we got home from the pub, neither of us felt much like cooking so we had a pizza from the freezer, followed by chocolate brownie desert. Both were FREE from a mystery shop I completed earlier in the week.

The shop itself took me around 20 minutes, then I completed a short report afterwards which took less than 15 mins. I was rewarded with a couple of pounds cash and £5 reimbursement for my shopping. I actually managed to get quite a lot for my money so was very pleased with this assignment.

Saturday, we were invited round to my lovely Mother in law’s for dinner. She cooked us a homemade curry – which was delicious by the way – so we had another meal for free!
I took some Tesco New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and made up a cheeseboard to go with it. Both were delicious and even better knowing it was free! This was courtesy of Tesco Orchard, who sent me some vouchers through a few weeks ago as part of their new wine programme, and some tips on what to pair my wine with.
I absolutely LOVE the Orchard. Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to try so many new products I would never have considered before, all for free or a very discounted price. If you want to know more about it, check out their website or my post on Loyalty Schemes.

Sunday was time for another mystery shop. We went out to a local pub where we had a main course each and a drink, all reimbursed by the mystery shopping company. I also got a small fee for completing this assignment, so not only did we eat for free, but I was paid for doing so!
My 10 month old is being more than a little fussy with food lately due to teething. He’s refusing solid food and only wants pouches of baby food or baby snacks. Not the homemade kind – only the expensive shop bought stuff. Anyone who’s bought these before will know how pricey they can be, especially if you’re buying them on a regular basis. Luckily there’s a coupon for a FREE Hipp Organic pouch in the Tesco magazine this month, and I also got 4 of these pouches free recently through Shopmium. I also took him some baby rice cakes (free through CheckoutSmart the other week) and managed to keep him happy while we enjoyed our meal.

Sunday evening we watched a film in bed with a little chocolatey treat – Brookside Dark Chocolate with Blueberry and Acai (free from Shopmium). These taste AMAZING and I actually didn’t feel so guilty…they’ve got superfoods in so must be healthy right?!

All in all we had a great weekend with some good food, good company and even an alcoholic beverage or two. And we barely spent a thing!

The best things in life are free…
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